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Flexible computing for government

The secure, agile, pay as you grow cloud designed for the UK public sector

A cloud to effortlessly meet your needs today and in the future

The demands, risks and complexity of public sector ICT are increasing. Growing data volumes, budget constraints, managing fragmented systems, along with the need to be more agile and comply with the government’s ‘cloud first’ initiative all present huge challenges. Flexible computing for government is an immensely secure, pre-accredited, multi-tenant virtual private cloud, dedicated to the UK public sector.

Introducing Flexible Computing for Government from Vodafone

Vodafone Flexible Computing for Government is an end-to-end virtual private cloud environment that’s highly adaptable to specific organisational needs.

Tackle your issues and help shift the focus from infrastructure management to innovation.  You need an IT infrastructure that meets performance, security and agility requirements, with supreme service levels and a flexible pay as you grow model.

This innovative cloud can connect organisations securely via existing Public Services Network or hosting services, providing greater agility, without compromising on security.

The solution is easy to use, scalable and provides peace of mind - the platform is highly secure and approved to hold ‘Official Sensitive’ information. You can be sure that your data is safe, while your organisation and IT works smarter.

Pay as you grow

With Flexible Computing for Government you only pay for what you actually use, with the ability to scale services up and down as needed via a self-service portal. This provides full control over the virtual infrastructure, compute, storage, backup and load balancing services. Flexible Computing for Government delivers:

  • Utmost security: Pre-accredited with assured levels of compliance and security in a dual datacentre solution
  • Supreme service: Expert support to remove pressure from your IT teams with a 24x7 UK service desk
  • Highly agile: Flexibility designed to help you optimise cost efficiency - adding, removing or modifying your infrastructure is simple via an easy-to-use portal.

Flexible Computing for Government lets you consolidate a number of disparate and costly systems into a single solution, cutting costs and creating a platform to enable future innovation.

Why choose Flexible Computing for Government?

Security at the core of our cloud

Flexible Computing for Government is a pre-accredited platform to hold ‘Official Sensitive’ information and it is connected to the Public Services Network (PSN).

Smarter solution with agility and control

Why pay for capacity and resources that are not used? Through a self-service portal you have full control over your virtual infrastructure, compute, storage, backup and load balancing services. So you only pay for what you use, when you use it.

Excellent service made simple

With a 24x365 UK-based service desk support, your IT team has peace of mind and assistance when needed. 99.99% SLA is available at an OS level, as well as a fully managed service.

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This Vodafone service is ideal for:

Both for traditional or cloud native apps, including mission critical ones.

Short or long term projects requiring a government accredited secure and compliant cloud.

Application testing and development, a secure environment to ensure applications perform seamlessly.

Predictable or unpredictable workloads with known or unknown peaks.

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Did you know?

As we own the network, we won’t charge you for data traffic in and out of your environment

You can easily interconnect your managed hosting environment with Vodafone’s hosted private cloud or colocation solutions.

Business continuity is assured via disaster recovery and rapid restore services.