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Secure, predictable costs, simple to manage colocation services

Helping your business – whatever you need

The need for new projects, infrastructure, applications and cloud can all change your business's demand for IT space and power, putting your on-premise data centres under pressure.

Colocation for your essential infrastructure

As your business evolves, you need flexibility to cope with the constant growth in applications and data. But predicting future needs is difficult and running your own datacentre estate can also be expensive and complex. With compliance, security and resilience to think about, it’s a constant drain on IT staff’s time and budgets.

Vodafone colocation services allow you to move your essential infrastructure into purpose-built datacentres, conveniently located across the world with the highest levels of security, resilience, flexibility and network performance.

Benefit from reduced costs, greater efficiency, high availability and unmatched connectivity options – all in a secure and stable IT environment you can trust, flexible enough to suit your specific needs.

Colocation with Equinix

In today’s interconnected era, companies need the agility to rapidly establish links to new markets, partners and opportunities.

Vodafone Business has partnered with Equinix, giving us global network presence in 57 Equinix data centres. Together, Equinix and Vodafone support enterprise customers’ digital transformation with a single set of SLAs and operational processes that cover networking, multi-cloud connectivity, end-to-end managed security and private/hybrid cloud hosting. 5G and the ability to service our joint Vodafone and Equinix customers with edge solutions worldwide is at the very heart of the growth we are seeing in IoT and related opportunities.

Get secure, resilient and flexible capacity datacentre resources, while reducing your costs


We keep your data safe with market-leading security and compliance as standard.

We provide the highest levels of security and Disaster Recovery planning – we can actually run without electricity, in some cases for up to 30 days!


Free up your time to focus on IT innovation, not IT operation.

With a broad range of secure cloud and hosting options, connected to the Vodafone award-winning global network, we help make you a cloud-ready business and ease the challenge of integration between legacy infrastructure and new hybrid environments.


With a single supplier and everything connected to our global network.

Our global footprint of datacentres provides high-availability, secure colocation services that cut the cost, complexity and commitment of running your own facilities – consolidate your legacy IT systems and infrastructure with a single supplier and all connected to our global network.

With our global footprint of datacentres providing
high-availability, flexible and secure colocation
services you save the cost, complexity and
commitment of running your own facilities.

Why choose Vodafone colocation services?

Cut waste, save money, be more efficient

We provide you with the space, the power, the cooling and connectivity in our secure datacentres. Our lower power consumption means greener IT to fit your environmental policy and our risk-free service offers early warning fire detection and suppression systems.

Globally connected

High availability is essential – so don’t compromise. Which is why all of our datacentres are directly connected to Vodafone’s secure global network – a million kilometres of secure fibre in 150 countries.

Superior security

Our worldwide data centres all provide market-leading security and compliance, with government-grade security in the UK, Germany and Ireland. We exceed 99.982% availability and have everything you need to keep your infrastructure and data safe and fully protected.

Customer stories

Why Vodafone?

Vodafone invests €2bn annually in research and development innovation.

Vodafone has 800K+ sq metres of datacentre space globally.

Alongside meeting the ISO27001, over 800 people at Vodafone are focused on security.

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