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Google Workspace from Vodafone

Agile business productivity tools from the cloud

Get ready for a change in your workplace

Google Workspace from Vodafone is a market-leading collaboration solution that will help you connect your employees, work faster and boost productivity. It’s all about giving your people the right tools to do their jobs, and making your business more agile through technology. Also, because it’s through Vodafone, you get one bill, one provider and one support network.

Cloud-based real-time collaboration using friendly productivity tools


Ideal for small business

The right collaboration technology places small businesses back at the collaborative forefront, expanding the organisation while retaining the drive and agility to adapt and consolidate in the most dynamic markets.

Digital workplace

Google Workspace from Vodafone hosts all of the best productivity tools that support the digital workplace and give your employees the freedom to work together as they choose. And because your people are armed with the right tools to do their jobs, your business becomes more agile with a sharper competitive edge.

Secure teamwork

You have all the communications, office productivity and team collaboration tools you need to run your business – all available securely from the cloud, with easy access anywhere from any device. From emailing to video conferencing to collaborating on projects and presentations, Google Workspace from Vodafone makes teamwork easy.

Key features



Email wherever you work and on whatever device.


A cloud-based shared calendar keeps you synced with teams and devices, including smart scheduling and alerts


Access your documents in the cloud from any device, without worrying about security or version control

Google Mobile Management

Endpoint Management

Stay in control of which devices access Google Workspace from Vodafone by setting policies and remote wipe functionality


The simple and intuitive way to create shared workspaces for your teams, customers or partners

image 6-Generic Page-G Suite from Vodafone


Cloud-based archiving for you - store, archive, search and export your emails and instant messages easily

image 7-Generic Page-G Suite from Vodafone


Chat, share desktops and collaborate in real-time on projects while on a call or video meeting


Google Workspace from Vodafone is straightforward to manage for your organisation. Add users, manage devices or configure security and settings as you need


Three reasons to choose Google Workspace from Vodafone

It’s more than Google Workspace. It’s Google Workspace but connected all the time and supported by experts

Enterprise-grade support

Our experts will help you to find the right services, and make sure your migration is smooth. You’ll have a single number to contact for all your Vodafone services, including Google Workspace from Vodafone

Hosted and continuously connected in the cloud

Google Workspace from Vodafone is entirely cloud-based, so you have access anywhere via our mobile and Internet networks. All your data is secure in Google’s robust data centre without the need for you to worry about your IT or infrastructure

Hassle-free IT from a single provider

Simplify your outsourced IT with Google Workspace from Vodafone and mobile and fixed connectivity, and all the devices you need to help your people outperform the competition; all from a single provider with a single bill and single contract

Case Study

Did you know?

You can predict your monthly costs thanks to a monthly per-user licencing model.

You can have one supplier and one contract for your mobile and fixed connectivity combined with Google Workspace, all from Vodafone

Make your on-boarding experience even easier with the help of our professional services

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