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Worker Insights

Your safe return to work

Prepare your business for the future

Reducing risk and caring for your people and customers has never been more important. You need to safely restart, rebuild, and return to your business, whilst ensuring employees can work safely and that your business is future-ready. Our Worker Insights solution helps you to build the workplace of the future, by reducing disruption, empowering your people and minimising risk.

Vodafone keeps your employees safely connected wherever they choose to work

Provide appropriate data and insights for your employees as they work from different locations

Employees are working many varied locations. They need access to the latest tools to provide them with insights and information wherever they are, on almost any device.
The Connected Workday from Vodafone Business (02:16)

Support your employees wherever they are

Build a safer work environment, and future-proof your business beyond COVID-19. Our Worker Insights solution with IBM will help you protect your workforce now and beyond the pandemic. The solution captures and processes real-time data via the latest camera and wearable technologies. This provides you with instant insights on crowd density and occupancy levels, social distancing needs and face mask policy compliance, enabling you to support no-go zone monitoring and overall employee well-being.

What's included in Worker Insights?

Worker Insights helps you to support your employees to return to work using live insights - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - to keep your workforce safe.


Social distancing scoring

Monitoring the distance between one individual and surrounding individuals

Crowd density monitoring

Monitoring density and average proximity of number of people in a specific space

Occupancy monitoring

Keeping occupancy levels in defined spaces or specific zones at the logical maximum

Face mask detection

Determine whether an individual is wearing a face mask based on a video feed

Other use cases

  • Worker health monitoring
  • No go zone monitoring
  • Elevated body temperature scanning

What’s in it for you?

Reduce disruption

Reduce disruption

Boost confidence that the risk of COVID-19 infection is minimised and reduce disruption to your workforce and operations

Take action

Empower management to monitor situations and take immediate actions to reduce risks and non-compliance
Minimise risk

Minimise risk

Enable your business to resume operations quickly by introducing new and sustainable operations
Visibility of data

Visibility of data

Create interactive visualisations, filtering and reporting tools to view and export data
Easy deployment

Easy deployment

We manage the service for you across multiple sites with centralised deployment

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