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Distributed Edge Computing

Create the future

Make incredible, next-generation experiences a reality, through combining the power of the Vodafone network and the AWS Cloud. Imagine delivering experiences that were once impossible, such as enabling real-time insights at the edge of emergency networks that can save lives, and serving up amazing synchronised, social experiences through low latency. What will you imagine to create the future?

First in Europe

Vodafone Business Distributed Edge Computing with AWS Wavelength UK Launch

Vodafone Business were first to launch Distributed Multi-access Edge Computing with AWS Wavelength in Europe in June 2021, bringing together the power of Cloud and 5G and helping businesses transform.

And continuing to grow

And Continuing To Grow

Vodafone Business has now launched Multi-Access Edge computing with AWS in Germany, with plans to offer this game changing technology to business based in more countries soon.

Imagine the extraordinary

Innovation that inspires

Decision making in real-time means endless possibilities, from more immersive experiences through AI and AR/VR to keeping your workers in the field better informed and safer using connected vehicles, robots, and drones.

Speed that creates new possibilities

Lightning quick speeds for interactive applications show game streaming and VR off at their vibrant best, while low latency makes your business highly responsive and totally in-the-moment. With 5G and edge computing, you can connect more devices and efficiently process the data they send you.

Agility so you can spring into action

When your workloads fluctuate, Distributed Edge provides the flexibility to scale on demand and deploy your applications to any edge location. This can conserve memory and power and, because applications can be processed at the edge, reduce the amount of bandwidth you use.

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AWS and Vodafone Business turn possibility into possible

Cloud, connectivity and data services have been brought together on the edge of Vodafone’s 5G and 4G network through a collaboration between AWS and Vodafone Business. Together, we give you Distributed Edge, which can transform how future services are experienced. Applications run at speed, allowing real-time decision-making, while end users enjoy new immersive, interactive experiences.