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Dedicated Edge Computing

5G and Edge Computing unlock new possibilities


When milliseconds matter

Edge Computing is an extension to your cloud environment, benefitting from real-time processing at the edge instead of sending data to the cloud and back which takes time.

Bringing together the advances in 5G and Edge Computing is offering a technology and user experience not previously possible before. Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) is about where milliseconds of latency really count.

What Dedicated MEC brings to your business

Dedicated MEC enables real-time processing at the edge for apps requiring ultra-low latency, such as mixed reality, video analytics, and autonomous vehicles. Dedicated MEC is deployed at a customer’s site and is dedicated to one business, thus providing regulatory compliance as data is stored onsite.

Edge Computing processes the data close to the point of origin or consumption, meaning you can add intelligence to much of the equipment that sits within operations – and apply artificial intelligence-powered automation at those end points. This is a reason why early adoption includes manufacturers implementing MEC in their plants as part of their Industry 4.0 plans.

Global strategic partnerships to deliver better solutions

Vodafone Business focuses on finding the best solution for your business by partnering with Microsoft Azure, IBM, Kyndryl and Computacenter. We bring the transformational potential of 5G and mobile private network connectivity:

  • Integrating Dedicated Edge Computing with your existing systems
  • Reducing complexity by managing the solution end to end
  • Providing flexibility to enable a hybrid multi-cloud strategy

The benefits of Edge Computing – enabling digital innovation

Dedicated MEC enables real-time processing at the edge for apps requiring ultra-low latency

Bandwidth efficiency as applications are hosted locally

Tools and functionality of cloud

Azure hybrid by design

Data privacy, security, and resilient backup options

Confidential Computing encrypting data during processing

Regulatory compliance as data is stored onsite

Edge delivers intelligence where it is needed


Why Vodafone?

Best global network and expertise

We ensure your people, your customers, your places and your assets are intelligently connected, wherever they are and whenever you need them

Our experts serve 1200+ of the world’s leading multinational corporations with dedicated account teams

Best partner ecosystem

We deliver business solutions that connect cloud and connectivity with the latest technology services integrated with AWS, Microsoft, IBM, Google and Alibaba

We provide an open, secure, flexible and scalable multi-cloud service platform

We offer end-to-end security services to connect and protect your people, data and devices


Leading data analytics and insights

We help you develop fresh business opportunities from unique customer insights, new geographies and rapidly evolving market dynamics

Our anonymised location data and analytics services provide actionable insights for governments and businesses around the world

Leading 5G + edge computing technologies

We provide dedicated edge with mobile private network

We also offer distributed edge with 4G/5G

Identified as “Edge Computing Companies to Watch” in 2021 and 2022 by STL Partners

Vodafone Business Edge Innovation Programme

Do you already have a dedicated MEC use case in mind? The Vodafone Business Edge Innovation programme gives you the chance to see how MEC could benefit your business first hand, with demo opportunities, as well as expert support and a try before you buy offering.

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