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Mixed Reality

Merging the real and virtual worlds to increase efficiency

Transform your business today with an immersive digital solution

Imagine a workplace where you can onboard new employees with immersive practical learning and enable them to collaborate with experts from anywhere in the world. Mixed Reality delivers this and more, allowing your business to accelerate digital transformation using immersive and innovative technologies.

Mixed Reality

Image-Mixed reality

Mixed Reality (MR) is the merging of real and virtual worlds, where physical and graphical objects appear to interact and integrate naturally. The ultra-low latency application combined with our technology provides your employees with real-time instructions using head mounted displays, ensuring first-time fixes, improved accuracy, reduced health and safety risks, and creates an immersive on-the-job learning experience.

Together with Microsoft, we deliver the whole end-to-end solution, providing the connectivity, cloud, edge computing, and devices - making us the one-stop shop for Mixed Reality.

What’s in it for you?


Reduce time

With step-by-step guided instructions, reduce the amount of time spent on maintenance from 2 hours to 40 minutes.

Increase accuracy

Guarantee tasks are completed accurately and ensure a first-time fix by empowering your employees to request remote expert assistance if needed.

Train your employees quickly

Speed up your onboarding process of new employees with an immersive practical and hands-on learning experience.

Implement digital knowledge transfer

Future-proof your workforce with digital knowledge transfer and ensure information is stored and easily passed on when employees leave the business.

Get instant access to experts

Collaborate with subject matter experts in real time – wherever you are – and have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Improve health and safety

Digitise complex processes and allow your employees to keep their hands free when working in dangerous environments.

Mixed Reality features


Simple navigation

The application provides guided workflow instructions.

Instant expertise

Access to subject matter experts and live remote assistance and immersive annotations.

Access from anywhere

Faster training on a digital product or machine from anywhere – at home, in a training centre or on the job.

Deployed to a range of HMDs

The application can work on a range of head mounted display devices (HMDs), smartphones, or tablets.

All managed in one place

Vendors for HMDs, smartphones and tablets will be available within the Vodafone Business Device Lifecycle Management (DLM) service catalogue.

In your industry

Mixed Reality helps transform your business in several business sectors, including manufacturing, energy and utilities, consumer packaged goods (CPG), transport and logistics, and aviation and defence. This is fulfilled through a variety of solutions:


Guided workflow instructions

Now your technicians can complete a 2-hour machine maintenance procedure in just 40 minutes using step-by-step instructions.

Remote assistance

Your new trainees can now learn remotely to operate new machinery with their task error rate dropping from 92% using traditional manuals to 0% using MR.

Faster training process

Now you can speed up the process of training your workers on complex procedures in just 3 days instead of the usual 3 weeks.

Why choose Vodafone Business

Accelerate your digital transformation through our pre-integrated E2E solution.

Work with the right platforms to optimise workloads

Our hyperscaler partnerships ensure seamless integration of edge platforms. Working together with Microsoft and using our connectivity, we make ultra-low latency possible.

Base it on the right connectivity

We are leaders in delivering the right connectivity to support your transformation efforts – through secure, resilient 5G private networks, our extensive public network, or IoT connectivity – depending on what you need.

Accelerate delivery with our application partnerships

We pre-integrate applications through partnerships with vertical application specialists who have deep expertise in visual inspection, mixed reality, drone control, and robotics to accelerate the delivery of ultra-low latency use cases for your business.

Port your use cases from factory to field

We’ve invested in the interoperability of our network and cloud to ensure you receive the same service across all our environments – whether working remotely or on-site – with the same quality of service and latency.

Benefit from complete managed services at scale

We support the entire technology stack through our E2E managed services to ensure you have a consistent experience; from purchase through to support.

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