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Cloud migration services

Cloud migration made simple

Effortless cloud migration

Assessing which of your numerous applications and their associated workloads are suitable to be moved to the cloud is a time-consuming exercise with considerations around design, planning, migration implementation, modernisation, security enhancement, risk reduction and more. Vodafone’s Migrate to the Cloud assessment provides a repeatable approach to securely migrating applications to the cloud, which has been refined over years of experience. This repeatable approach uses proven methodologies that are designed to be cost-effective and help mitigate your migration risks.

Cloud migration challenges

Tackling complexity

Lack of internal people and resource with experience of complex cloud migrations.

Avoiding damaging disruption

Threat of business disruption as a result of failed cloud migration must be guarded against.

Controlling costs

Spiralling costs resulting from extended cloud migration projects can be commonplace.

Lack of tools

The business doesn’t have the right set of tools to migrate workloads to the cloud successfully.

Our migrate to cloud assessment can help

Successfully moving systems to the cloud, involves transitioning large volumes of your essential data, in a co-ordinated way, in order to ensure minimal disruption to the your business, your employees and your customers.

Our intelligent and accelerated end-to-end migrate to cloud service, is designed to deliver migration with minimum disruption to your normal business activity, allowing your organisation to take advantage of the cloud. This migration service is delivered through our experienced cloud resources, and proven processes, providing clear steps along the way to ensure you can have complete confidence in the outcome.

The migrate to cloud service comprises of migrating and remediating applications and data from your distributed computing environment to the cloud, to traditional hosting, or from one cloud environment to another.

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