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Application modernisation service

Ensuring your essential apps are cloud-ready

Modernise your applications for cloud

Many businesses are still running legacy applications that have complex interdependencies, inflexible architectures and rely on out-of-date technology. As part of the wider digital transformation journey, many of these applications need to be modernised so that they can better meet your business objectives.

Application modernisation is a service that can help you to unlock potential business value by helping you to ensure your strategically important legacy applications can run in cloud-enabled environments.

Moving applications to the cloud creates challenges

We have lots of applications and don’t know what’s cloud compatible

Many organisations are shying away from application modernisation for cloud adoption, due to running a huge portfolio of legacy and home-grown applications that are presumed to not be cloud compatible.

We need to speed up application development

Redeveloping legacy applications to meet new customer demands is not an option and new mobile and web applications need to be deployed in weeks, not months.

We need to update applications in-line with our estate modernisation

As part of a refresh of older technology, we urgently need to remove an obsolete platform in a short time period and convert applications to a new platform.

What is our application modernisation service?

Our application modernisation service provides skilled resources and expertise to modernise your existing business applications, so that you can migrate these workloads to the cloud, leverage the advantages of cloud infrastructure, while unlocking potential business value and improving agility.

The service provides:

  • Access to a wide pool of experts and skills to help provide recommendations and next steps to enable your application to operate in a cloud-first world.
  • Delivery of cloud-ready applications without impacting on existing IT projects
  • Delivers microservices, cloud-ready hybrid architecture with improved maintenance and extensibility
  • Your application and data converted to a functionally cloud-ready equivalent target
  • Outputs that are fully aligned with your business initiatives and plans, including plug-in analytics.

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