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Integrated Managed Infrastructure for Azure & AWS

Manage, monitor, optimise and maintain multi cloud environments

Your helping hand in a multi-cloud world

By 2020, over 90% of enterprises will use multiple cloud services and platforms. With the increasing adoption of multiple public cloud platforms among businesses, combined with on-premise workloads, IT departments are facing an uphill battle of managing hybrid, multi-cloud environments with the constant need to up-skill and invest in resources to manage different clouds.Our Integrated Management Infrastructure (IMI) service is a fully integrated managed service for Azure and AWS public clouds that allows you to make best use of your cloud IT infrastructure, without the need to bring in new people and adopt new support processes.

The multi-cloud challenge

Cloud skills shortages

Difficulty sourcing and maintaining the skills required to manage the requirements of multiple public clouds.

Managing the complexity

Need to increase operational efficiency, improve compliance management and mitigate risks with more efficient monitoring and management of complex cloud estates.

Focusing resources

Forced to spend a high percentage of IT budget on IT maintenance, rather than investing in value added services.

Maintaining speed and quality

Need to improve IT service quality and speed to help enhance the customer experience, increase revenue and control costs.

Manage, monitor and maintain multi-cloud environments

Our Integrated Managed Infrastructure (IMI) service for public cloud is a suite of managed services designed to provide the management of your infrastructure delivered through public cloud, and ensure that your applications are running smoothly - be it cloud-optimised applications or your traditional business-critical applications hosted on public cloud.

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