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Multi-cloud security services

Ensuring the security of your cloud data

Balance security and agility in your business

The move to cloud brings a myriad of cost, flexibility and working efficiencies for busy IT teams. However, the need to protect valuable data and ensure that it is not compromised is more important than ever, as businesses depend on the cloud to deliver key applications against a background of ever more sophisticated threats.  Getting it right is a balancing act.

That’s why we provide a suite of cloud security services to help you ensure that every aspect of your move to, and ongoing management of, the cloud is secure and protected to ensure peace of mind.

Cloud security challenges

Compliance concerns

Maintaining compliance with multiple security and data privacy laws, regulations and standards.

Security evolution

Modernising security frameworks, polices, standards and controls to meet industry regulations and best-practices, while combatting new and emerging threats.

Security versus agility

Increasing complexity of cloud and concerns about security impacting adoption.

Multi-cloud data security

Creating a security strategy for a hybrid multi-cloud environment that maintains business growth.

Securing your businesses clouds

A security breach can have devastating consequences for any enterprise resulting in operational disruption, data leakage, reputation damage and regulatory complications.

Many organisations struggle to balance the security governance risks with the need for business agility due to the lack of the right skills in the business.

These issue hinder the adoption of public, private and hybrid cloud and means businesses lose out on the advantages of cloud in terms of cost and process efficiencies.

Our suite of cloud security services can help your business to maintain security without sacrificing your cloud advantages.

X-Force Incident Response

X-Force Offensive Security Testing

Cloud Managed Security infrastructure Services

Managed Security Information and Event Management service

Vulnerability Management Services

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