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Cloud security strategy assessment

Expert guidance to reinforce your cloud security

Secure your business in the cloud

Many businesses now look to the cloud as their preferred way of delivering IT services and applications.  A key part of this strategy though is ensuring that your data always remains secure in the cloud.  However, with most businesses operating complicated multi-cloud environments - it’s essential to understand and remediate any potential risks across your organisation, processes and technology.

Vodafone cloud and security specialists can help your business to develop world-class security strategies to safeguard data and protect assets in the cloud. Our offerings are designed to test and help secure potential security gaps and we guide you through each critical step of building a security-rich cloud posture.

Cloud security creates many challenges

Keeping compliant

You need to ensure compliance with key regulatory requirements.

Securing data

You must protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your resources and data workloads.

Managing risk

It’s key to establish appropriate risk management strategies, no matter which cloud security service models you use.

Maintaining control

Extend controls beyond on-premises environments with governance and assurance.

The right cloud environment to support your journey

Organisations can now consider public, private or hybrid cloud as part of their ongoing IT transformation. Vodafone  has teams of specialists available to help you to develop world-class security strategies to safeguard data and protect assets in the cloud with a cloud security strategy assessment.

From collecting and reviewing data, to creating a strategic security roadmap, the assessment helps you to develop security protocols especially designed for the cloud. It has been designed to provide a comprehensive approach to helping identify vulnerabilities before a security incident occurs. Security specialists provide the tools needed to create a risk aware program to help you through each phase of their cloud and security journey.

The service:

Guide you through security issues concerning cloud initiatives.
Outline key risks around cloud and provide essential considerations to help reduce and mitigate risks.
Deliver actionable results in four security phases:  initiate, analyse, assess and recommend.

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