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Cloud readiness assessment

Identify the right cloud strategy for your business

Pinpoint directions for your cloud journey

As enterprises look to the cloud to transform their business, IT and business leaders must weigh up how and when they can best move their current systems into the cloud. But it’s not a simple task.  You need to understand not only your applications, but the hardware and network of systems that support the operational delivery of them.
Our cloud readiness assessment is a service that advises you on cloud adoption and transformation strategies, helping you to understand how to unlock from the resulting benefits for your business.

What is stopping you making the most of cloud?

Understanding what workloads and services to move and when

I’m not sure how and when to move apps, workloads and the underpinning infrastructure to the cloud due to the complexity involved.

Difficulty sourcing cloud skills

There is a lack of specialist cloud expertise and resource in our in-house IT team which can create  regulatory, compliance, technical, business and security risks.

Choosing the right cloud for the right application

Selection of the right cloud service providers for different applications or functions isn’t clear cut – there is a lack of clarity on how to simplify, consolidate and optimise IT.

The cost of maintaining complex legacy infrastructures

Existing IT infrastructures are often  a complex blend of on-premises and cloud services which are expensive the manage and maintain and have high levels of technical complexity.

What is the cloud readiness assessment?

Our cloud readiness assessment service focuses on guiding our customers towards technology modernisation, rationalisation, remediation, and migration to cloud.

By helping you to establish a cloud adoption maturity baseline, your business can identify the potential scope of changes needed to take your current IT application portfolio and technology landscape into the cloud.  This service:

The service:

Delivers a cloud computing migration plan designed to align your IT with your specific business requirements

Identifies the workloads best suited for cloud, enabling you to maximise the benefits from investments

Develops a roadmap with clear goals to help you ensure a smooth, successful transition on your cloud journey.

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