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Cloud design and configuration

Get the right environment for cloud migration

Your cloud environments, designed by our experts

To be successful, a cloud project requires a number of different elements to be in place.  However, possibly the most important of these is to ensure that the destination cloud environment for any IT service or system being migrated is specifically designed and configured for that purpose.

Our cloud design and configuration service provides the design, build and configuration activities needed to deliver an operationally ready cloud environment for your business.  We use a tried and tested methodology to help accelerate delivery and reduce risk  with a fully configured development, test and production cloud environment for your applications and workloads.

Common business cloud design challenges

The multi-cloud challenge

Many businesses lack the necessary skills, time and resource to design and configure multiple private and public cloud environments and struggle to integrate them into existing environments.

Cloud projects aren’t repeatable

Lack of standardised, repeatable, secure cloud deployments frequently slows down delivery and hinders ability to hit business goals.

Lack of standardisation

Non-standardised cloud deployments can create risk against your businesses’ compliance and security policies.

The right cloud environment to support your journey

Our design and configuration of cloud environments service is designed to help solve the challenges you face in migrating to the cloud.  The service helps you with the design and configuration cloud environments that are suitable for hosting and scaling of multiple applications or services as required.

The service provides you with a fully configured development, test and production cloud environment  or landing zone, suitable for the building and deployment of your chosen workloads into private clouds or public clouds (including AWS, Azure, Google or Alibaba).

The benefits include:

Tried and tested methodology to accelerate delivery and reduce risk.
Rapid delivery of a configured, secure landing zone to migrate your applications into the cloud.

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