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Application Discovery and Assessment Services

Effortlessly migrate your applications to the cloud

Are your applications ready for the cloud?

Most businesses today rely on a large number of essential applications - some cloud-native, others firmly based on-premises - and getting those legacy apps into a cloud isn’t always a simple task.  Your in-house team don’t always have the relevant skills and experience of knowing what can be moved simply and quickly, against understanding the approaches needed to move the more complex applications.

Many businesses struggle to migrate applications to the cloud today

No overarching application strategy

Difficulty of developing common strategy and application roadmap across your business and different functions.

Need for expertise

Lack of skills, time and resource within the organisation who understand cloud patterns and migration complexity.

Innovating at speed and scale

Growing IT costs, inability to scale, and minimal ability to provide agile and innovative services to the business as it drives IT toward cloud.

Tackling complexity and security

The increasing complexity of cloud and concerns about security make adoption challenging.

What are our Application Discovery and Assessment Services?

Our application assessment services enable you to quickly assess which of your applications would benefit from being migrated onto the cloud. Many organisations have specific issues that they need to address such as a real difficulty in developing a common strategy and application roadmap across the business. These issues only grow in larger, more complicated organisations.

Many IT teams are fully stretched dealing with the day to day rigours of running complex IT systems and often there is a lack of specific skills and resource to deal with the migration to the cloud.

The service delivers

An external expert view based on extensive knowledge and experience.

A structured and transparent approach agreed in advance.

Clarity of migration risks and mitigations.

Your applications prioritised for optimisation with the cloud.

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