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Hosted Private Cloud

Dedicated to you to meet your business needs

Stay securely connected to your data

We understand that the IT demands on your business are growing. We know you need to manage complex systems to enjoy the performance and flexibility benefits of going digital. You need to guarantee your applications keep performing and your data is always available, whilst ensuring security and keeping in check with local regulations. Our Hosted Private Cloud will give you all the flexibility that cloud can offer, paired with the security of data.

Making control and customisation straightfoward

Vodafone Hosted Private Cloud delivers computing, network and storage resources, which are located in secure data centres and can be accessed via the Vodafone global network and the internet. While benefitting from a lower cost of ownership, you can keep your data safe and your applications performing at their best.


Benefits of Hosted Private Cloud

Putting you in control

Allows you to vary your infrastructure spend to reflect the actual IT usage

More agility

Transition your apps and data to the cloud with scalable infrastructure, with virtualisation allowing new services to be created in minutes

Peace of mind

Your business is guaranteed a secure solution with an affordable and reliable disaster recovery service

Greater efficiency

A lower cost alternative to owning and managing your own data centres and infrastructure – helping you become more productive and efficient with less IT overhead

Embrace simplicity

Choosing Vodafone as a single global provider offers simplified management of cloud data, coupled with high levels of virtualisation and automation

Why choose Hosted Private Cloud?

Enhance performance

Hosted Private Cloud is useful for businesses who are looking to move away from operating their own data centres, to gain greater performance, security and efficiencies.

Find an alternative to public cloud

Public cloud isn’t right for every business – sometimes, tailored workload configurations or compliance requirements can get in the way. To guarantee workload performance, Hosted Private Cloud can provide a more affordable alternative.

The bridge for your cloud journey

Hosted Private Cloud bridges the gap between public and private cloud. It is ideal for speeding up migration, accommodating specific workloads that are not designed for the cloud, or simply delivering a single-tenanted solution.

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