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The high-performance, secure platform for running critical enterprise applications in the cloud

Performance, availability, security for essential applications

Many enterprises are looking to migrate their critical enterprise applications, like SAP, from on-premises into the cloud.

Whether due to hardware lifecycles, preparation for future upgrades or the need to drive greater business benefits like greater flexibility and cost efficiencies, these milestones push your business to make the move into cloud. But this brings about its own challenges.

Fusion is a secure, robust cloud-based platform that can run your mission-critical, resource intensive applications with speed, availability and performance.

Fusion - an ideal solution that provides your business with:


Safe and secure - data centre, network and application


Specialised platform delivering speed and availability


Innovative usage-based billing


Onboarding, migration and SAP support


Efficient and agile infrastructure


User-friendly multilingual portal to better manage your environment

Running critical applications in the cloud is a challenge

While most clouds were designed for cloud-native applications, how many can handle mission-critical applications - and ensure the same or better performance? Fusion was designed to run complex business applications, with better performance, greater agility, higher security and superior economics.

An enterprise-class cloud platform for your critical legacy and cloud-optimised applications

Vodafone Fusion is simple to migrate onto and with an innovative consumption-based billing model, it offers 99.999% availability and the security you need. This platform is designed specifically for handling complex IT landscapes with a speciality in mission-critical applications. It’s a truly modern, multi-tenant cloud computing architecture.

Fusion is built on our strong network, cloud and SAP management capabilities. Deploy a flexible and scalable solution for your mission critical apps, lifting and shifting into the cloud to deliver a reduced total cost of ownership where you only pay for what you use.

Pre-connected to the our global network, Fusion provides secure access to business critical applications from anywhere in the world.

  • Save time and money with true consumption-based billing
  • Stay ahead of the game with intelligent workload placement
  • Improve usage through integrated analytics
  • Proactively optimise infrastructure
  • Use fewer hosts, with better utilisation and less costs

From infrastructure to application, we offer a broad range of planning, migration, onboarding, infrastructure, and application managed services to help you drive business benefits.

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How Fusion helps your business

Be safe with a trusted partner

We ensure your critical application performance and availability, with security and compliance as standard from datacentre to application. We are highly accredited including ISO 27001, SOC2 and SOC3 and we have two geo-redundant datacentres.

Run your mission-critical applications smarter

Use our secure, robust, cloud-based platform to run your mission-critical, resource intensive applications. It offers up to 99.999% uptime, enhanced scalability and at-a-glance access to usage information, provisioning and applications.

Simplify complex billing

With a unique consumption-based billing service, you only pay for what you use. Fusion measures and charges only for the resources actually used (recorded in μVM units) across all your virtual machines.

Did you know?

With end-to-end SAP-certified managed services we ensure your workloads and data are always working effectively for your enterprise

We have many accreditations including with ISO 27001, SOC2 and SOC3. We help you to meet German data privacy and other compliance regulations too

Fusion is backed by service level agreements at the application performance layer for mission critical applications, rather than simple uptime guarantees