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Vodafone Business, Kyndryl and IBM

Bringing the combined power of connectivity and multicloud closer to you

What makes this special

Together, Vodafone Business, Kyndryl and IBM work with organisations to remove complexity from their technology choices and help optimise their businesses. Our partnership provides customers with the open, flexible technologies they need to integrate multiple clouds and prepare for the next wave of digital transformation enabled by AI, 5G, Edge and Software Defined Networking (SDN).

Three technology leaders bringing together the best of multicloud and connectivity to help organisations succeed in a digital world

This strategic partnership is supported by three industry leading companies, and our customers will benefit from Vodafone’s strengths in IoT, 5G and edge computing, Kyndryl’s experience in services related to cloud, hybrid multicloud and managed hosting infrastructure management, and IBM’s technology related to hybrid cloud, AI, and application services.


Bringing together the best of cloud and connectivity with Kyndryl

Our strategic partnership with Kyndryl enables our customers to get the best out of what next-generation connectivity and cloud have to offer. We’ve combined Vodafone’s strengths in IoT, 5G and edge computing, Kyndryl’s experience in multi-cloud and hosted infrastructure, and IBM’s technology in hybrid cloud, AI and application services to power your digital transformation, wherever you are in your journey.

Mitie: Embracing technology to provide a better service

Mitie: Optimising cloud to provide a better service

Mitie is one of the UK's biggest facilities management companies, providing the core services which keep workplaces running.

Moving applications into a public cloud has allowed better control, agility and cost savings, which helps Mitie to excel in services that they deliver to their customers.

How businesses will benefit

Today and tomorrow

We bring you the best of connectivity and multicloud today, while preparing you for the digital world of tomorrow.

End-to-end technology

Access a full stack of advanced technologies, integrated together and consumed with simplicity from a single provider.

Business expertise

Unlock the full value of your technology investments with advisory services, specific to your business, your industry.

European focus, global experience

Choose a partner whose intimate knowledge of Europe is complimented by learnings from across the globe.

A new way of thinking, a new way of doing business

Designed to act like a start-up and be responsive to rapidly changing market and customer demands, using the latest agile methodologies.

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