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Productivity solutions

Business efficiency and flexibility with the latest productivity-boosting tools

Welcome to the new world of work

With our cloud-based applications and toolsets we can help you to transform your workplace into a digital workplace. We have a range of productivity solutions to help businesses of all sizes work faster and smarter.

Over the past decade, digital technologies have transformed our lives. Wherever we are, technology plays a vital role in almost everything we do – and work is no exception.

Today, we expect to communicate with anyone and access information and services from anywhere at any time. For you, meeting these expectations isn’t just another box to tick. It’s critical to attracting and retaining talent, keeping employees engaged and productive, fostering a culture of innovation, and staying ahead of competitors – many of whom were born digital. And your customers are no exception, they expect almost immediate communications or resolution to their problems and a personalised experience from your business.

Productivity solutions

Cloud applications critical to your business success.


Seize the digital workplace opportunity with us

Supercharge the way you work

Break the shackles that restrict where, when and how work can happen.

Know more, act faster

Make the right decisions at the right time with the help of data-driven insights.

Be ready for anything

Be agile and responsive to changes and seize new opportunities long before your competitors.

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Global MPLS coverage in 84 countries, 218 cities and 298 Points of Presence.

Over 1 million km’s of fibre network globally.

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