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Revolutionising Cell Site Management with IoT


Remote monitoring of cell sites can help mobile network operators (MNOs) drive down energy usage and extend the life of passive infrastructure. This means benefits for your business and a positive impact on the environment as well.

Helping you on your digital transformation journey

Today, key business issues around Cell Site Management (CSM) typically fall into three categories: energy and CO2 emissions control, operational efficiency, and safety/security.

Energy can cost MNOs as much as 30% of network OPEX, and the lack of visibility of what is happening in cell sites can mean unnecessary labour costs. This in turn can mean employing too many maintenance engineers, field staff sent to incorrect locations, higher costs for site repairs, repeat visits and overpaying for maintenance contracts.

Cell site uptime in a Radio Access Network (RAN) is critical to operator revenues, profitability, and customer satisfaction. Every security incident or equipment failure puts these at risk and negatively impacts brand reputation. The Vodafone Business CSM solution can help you transform your cell sites into smart cell sites and drive forward towards more cost-effective, sustainable operations.


Discover the benefits of remote CSM


It can be retrofitted onto practically any device - analogue- or IP-based - currently in your cell site.

Rapid installation

Deployed in just 2 to 6 hours depending on use cases. It fits on top of existing systems, ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations.

Change management

Ease of installation minimises implementation and training costs while lessening the need for enterprise-wide change management.

Edge intelligence

Data collection, processing, orchestration and storage at the edge, reducing strain on and costs of networks.

Machine learning

Diagnose and direct alarms to appropriate teams.

Enhanced visibility

Real-time data and monitoring delivers enhanced visibility and context of what is happening in your cell sites straight to your network operations centre (NOC).

Cell Site Management explained

Cell Site Management explained

What's in it for you?

Reduce physical site visits

Edge computing means data is managed and executed locally, reducing time to insight and cloud computing costs. This improves efficiency and enables remote interventions by engineers, significantly reducing the need for physical site visits.

Proven and adaptable

Our CSM solution is proven and is customizable to your business needs. You can select the proven modules you need and deploy them with easy configuration and no coding required — over 20 pre-defined, built-in use cases.

Improve site performance in any operating environment

The Vodafone Business CSM solution enables peak performance in any operating environment by monitoring environmental conditions both inside and outside the cell site and adapting to them automatically. The net result is further cost-saving opportunities for you and a positive overall impact on the environment – this is increasingly important as 4G evolves into 5G.

An agnostic solution that works as you need it to

Universal compatibility through being device, protocol and manufacturer-agnostic, and retrofittable on top of legacy equipment. No coding required, no drives to update, no interface cards to install, spare parts kept to a minimum. Installation can be as little as 2-6 hours with no need to remove and replace existing equipment.

Hyper-contextual alarm creation and routing

When multiple alarms are triggered, our solution uses machine learning (ML) to quickly identify the root cause of the incident. It then sends out a context-rich, ‘decision-ready’ message to the appropriate person or team to deal with the issue, including recommended solutions. The result is reduced alarm fatigue and ignored alarms, as well as additional gains on issues that ignored alarms create, such as damage to equipment and outages. Furthermore, you save time that is often wasted identifying problems and despatching engineers with the wrong tools or parts, leading to repeat visits.

Data-driven operations

Built-in geographic information system (GIS), wizard-based digital twins and visualisation tools help transform your cell site data into actionable business insights.
Vodafone Business CSM is highly adaptable, delivers fast ROI, and helps you reduce risk and cut costs in your cell sites rapidly. Take back control of your passive infrastructure.

"Managing and maintaining a growing number of cell sites across an entire country requires significant expenditure. This solution harnesses the latest IoT technology to drive operational efficiency as part of a broader digital transformation strategy."


Stephan Klink

VP Commercial Strategy and Global Expansion for Vodafone