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Use RCS Business Messaging to increase customer engagement

Advanced mobile messaging

RCS Business Messaging is the next evolution of advanced mobile messaging, including chatbots and payments. It combines the effectiveness of SMS and the richness of popular messaging apps, bringing the messaging services of the future to over 5 billion mobile phone users worldwide. With RCS messaging, Android users can have real-time experiences similar to using a mobile app.

RCS brings rich features to mobile business messaging

RCS provides you with a new user experience by combining the universality and high response rate of SMS with rich, interactive features.

Acquire new customers with the Vodafone Chatbot Directory

Users can discover and start conversations with brands through Vodafone Chatbot Directory. By listing your chatbot, you can extend your reach and drive acquisition, retention and loyalty.

Jibe acts as a global entry point

You can use RCS Business Messaging to reach Vodafone clients via one Jibe API connection. This means that your campaigns can reach Vodafone customers, as well as other mobile network operators and countries.

Key features

REST-based APIs powered by Jibe

  •  Ability to support high-volume low-latency requests with simple coding
  •  Single integration for all Vodafone markets

End-to-end service

  •  One single contract and SLAs
  •  High availability with KPI monitoring and reporting


  • Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Romania, Albania, Czech Republic, South Africa and more to come

Clean channel

  •  Campaign management and brand verification

Chatbot directory

  •  Customers can search and discover brands

Native messaging App

  • Global GSMA standards
  • No APP download
  • No time consuming registration

What’s in it for you and your customers ?

Benefits for your business

  • Wide reach: communicate with Android users in their native messaging app
  • Happy customers: send real-time order confirmations, announcements and provide customer service
  • Good communication: avoid uncertainty and be visible to customers
  • Campaign analysis: measure sent, delivered and read messages and button clicks
  • Conversational traffic: Allow users to reach out to you through Vodafone Chatbot Directory

Benefits for your customers

  • They can send larger, higher quality images
  • Better streaming of audio and video, enhanced visual content
  • They can interact with consumers – messaging is the preferred communication channel by younger people
  • Enhanced security: service provided on Vodafone’s network and data-centre premise, protected by SIM Authentication
  • Clean communication channel with reduced fraud and spam through brand verification (“Verified by Vodafone”)

RCS keeps growing

The total number of RCS subscribers will grow to 3.8 billion by 2026, accounting for 40% of global mobile subscribers. This represents a growth of over 200%. 

Consumers are overwhelmingly excited

Nearly 80% of consumers find RCS appealing and over 70% say RCS would make them more likely to want to communicate with a brand. Research author, Sam Barker, remarks, “Future growth of RCS traffic will be driven by users migrating away from dedicated mobile apps. The technology will develop to become the first point of contact for RCS users to engage with brands over mobile devices within 5 years.

RCS Business Messaging study by GSMA Future Networks and OpenMarket

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