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Your customers protected: how Vodafone Business can keep identities safe online

As branches close and call centres get busier, more people are moving online. This is an opportunity for businesses, but also for fraudsters. Using live network data, Vodafone Business can help customers keep their customers safe and detect suspicious activity. Fraser King tells us more.

Staying connected through isolation: adapting the Mencap Connected Living solution to help with COVID-19

The Connected Living solution, in partership with Mencap, is designed to give people with a learning disability a better quality of life. Now, with COVID-19 changing the way we interact, the solution has become more important than ever. Kerry Small takes a closer look.

Connecting a continent: how a new subsea cable project will help to build a better future for Africa

Nick Gliddon tells us how Vodafone’s SHARP cable system will soon improve international connectivity between Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

How to keep vacant buildings safe and healthy during stay-at-home orders

With much of the world under lockdown - who's looking after the empty buildings they've left behind? Ludovico Fassati explores how IoT can help with preventative maintenance experts, Vital Command.

Life after COVID: how big data and location insights can help to ease lockdowns

Location insights from mobile data can help in the fight against COVID, but it's crucial that it is respected and protected. David Gonzalez explains how his team has supported governments during the pandemic.

How IoT dash buttons are helping doctors and patients connect at the IFEMA field hospital

Erik Brenneis tells us more about how IoT is supporting the health services during the COVID-19 crisis, as Vodafone Spain acts as a facilitator in the Ifema field hospital.

Vodafone Business: prepared for the unexpected through COVID-19

Justin Shields, Platforms and Solutions Director, touches on the technologies that have helped Vodafone Business and its customers maintain service and safety through COVID-19.

Adapting to the new reality

Vinod Kumar tells us about the steps he, and the wider business, are taking to support employees during this time.

How Bayer is innovating its supply chain with Integrated SIM (iSIM)

The current COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted two key issues - meeting demand and ensuring the quality of good and services.