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Gigabit Thinking

If we can imagine it, we can create it. A blog that explores what’s possible.

The new digital office: can tech keep up?

As employees demand more flexibility and autonomy around where and when they work, what are tech companies doing to support this transition? From collaboration tools to immersive ones, Peter Terry-Brown takes us through the future of work.

Technology shouldn’t replace customer interactions, it should enhance them

Our latest research has shown that while customers’ digital expectations have grown considerably in the last two years, they still want the personal touch. From providing real-time, customised responses to ensuring sustainable practices, find out more about how businesses are engaging with customers and meeting new expectations.

Enabling widespread adoption of IoT among businesses

As data becomes the lifeline of modern business, we're making it easier to connect your IoT devices to the cloud. Marc Sauter tells us more.

Lost and found: How Trackimo™ is using IoT technology to give customers peace of mind

A leader in end-to-end IoT, Trackimo™ is helping businesses keep their most valuable assets secure and data-optimised. We caught up with Amit Shaked, the company’s Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder, to find out more.

Using 5G to deliver concerts from anywhere with Elk Audio

The way live music is performed has changed forever. Musicians no longer need to be in the same room, or even the same city, to deliver a great show for their fans. Working with Elk Audio, we’re using 5G and Edge Computing to showcase what’s possible.

Jargon busting: what is a mobile private network and why do we need it?

5G for business means much more than faster mobile speeds. What would you do with your own private mobile network? Chris Allen tells us what it is and why it works.

Navigating the hybrid world: Remote Everything - how tech is allowing us to live our lives by proxy

All businesses have been affected by changes to working behaviour in the last year. Peter Terry Brown, our Unified Communications and Connectivity Director, explains how those that are ‘fit for the future’ have adapted with greater success.

The role of mixed reality in Ford’s changing workplace

Just like laptops are now the norm in the office, could immersive technology become equally commonplace in our working futures? We caught up with Ford’s team in the UK to find out how they are using this and other emerging technologies to break new ground.

Saving resources with E.ON

Difficult problems require “smart” solutions – smart meters to be exact. Alexander Saul, Managing Director of Vodafone Business Germany, explains how we are working with E.ON to innovate the energy industry, using the Internet of Things to protect precious resources.