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There is more to WAN transformation than virtualization

When we talk about the transformation of tradtional WAN, virtualization is always centre stage. Jan Hein Bakkers, IDC, explains why it alone is not enough.

Five things to consider when developing your IoT strategy

Exploring the use of IoT within your business? Here are our top five considerations to help you get the most from any implementation.

How the 5G factory will help manufacturers of all sizes to keep up

What happens when you build an electric car factory with 5G at the core? We teamed up with e.GO to test the concept of Industry 4.0, with amazing results.

Could blockchain help you become a more ethical shopper?

Do you ever think about where your food comes from, or if the people who farmed it were paid a fair wage? Blockchain can help to answer that.

What is the role of ethernet in a digital native network?

Find out why Jan Hein Bakkers, Research Director at IDC, views ethernet as a crucial component of hybrid network architecture.

4 key questions for 5G business

In part two of his 5G series, Erik Brenneis, CEO, Vodafone Global Enterprise, explains what proactive businesses are doing to prepare.

For Europe to be a world leader in IoT, the time to act is now

How do we build a better tomorrow with IoT in Europe? Find out more from IoT Director, Stefano Gastaut here.

With digital in mind, what is the future of in-store retail?

Perch Interactive CEO, Trevor Sumner, explains how his team are transforming the in-store retail experience with the help of Vodafone IoT

The tech empowering disabled people in cities

Cities are difficult to navigate at the best of times, but for people with disabilities they can be like an obstacle course. Here's how tech is changing that.