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How IoT partnerships can benefit your business

Partners can give you access to everything you need to make a success of IoT. Here are three ways Vodafone's partner ecosystem can give your business an advantage.

The rise of next-generation network packet brokers

The advanced capabilities of next-generation NPBs are critical to the success of digital organizations, they modernize the packet broker and align it with current trends.

A brave business: Three ways to win in the new world of work

Workplace is changing at speed. The goal should be to create a brave culture that looks to leverage current developments. This will deliver greater agility, satisfaction and value: ensuring that everyone wins in the new world of work.

3 steps to reimagining your tech workforce in the AI age

AI is significantly changing organizations. IT leaders must act now to ensure their teams can handle this digital transformation. Here are 3 ways to do so.

Building a strong business case for IoT

In this blog post, read how Vodafone’s Business Case Advisor resources can help you build a powerful business case as you embark on your IoT journey.

Take on the challenger mind-set to succeed in an accelerating world

Traditional businesses need to adapt to a new hyper-fast world or face extinction. The best way they can do is to take on the tactics used by the challengers themselves.

Get results from IoT faster

Vodafone IoT has partnered with Sodaq to deliver our NB-IoT development kits and help companies simplify and accelerate the deployment of IoT solutions.

3 fundamental keys to digital transformation

Every enterprise knows that the only way to combat digital disruption from a competitor is total digital transformation, yet an astonishing 84% fail to achieve it. A major reason for this is that digital transformation often means abandoning the status quo to ensure future survival.

Enterprise architects as digital transformers

Enterprise architecture is critical to digital transformation. It can stop new business strategies from being realized or enable their realization.

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