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What makes a business ‘future ready’?

Adaptability, people and purpose. Vinod Kumar tells us more about the Vodafone Business Future Ready Report, its findings and what it takes for businesses to thrive in today’s changing times.

Support in the face of disruption: how Vodafone Business is helping small and medium enterprises get back to business

From useful articles and how-to videos, to one-on-one assistance, the V-Hub will provide a variety of resources tailored to SME customers. Iris Meijer tells us more.

The internet of things is helping Italian businesses get back on track safely

The new normal: easy to say but hard to describe. Giorgio Migliarina tells us how the Internet of Things is helping businesses in Italy re-open and trade after lockdown.

NB-IoT: the tech that will change the global supply chain

What if all items on the supply chain were connected, protected and monitored every step of the way? Erik Brenneis tells us why Narrowband IoT will be key.

How to ensure small businesses are more resilient and more digital than ever before

SMEs are the lifeblood of the economy in Europe – and they need help from governments to recover from Covid-19. Read what our CEO Vinod Kumar, Sebastiano Toffaletti from the Digital SME Alliance and Sean Kelly MEP think policymakers can do to help.

Future proofing a business: how a mobile private network is helping Ford rethink manufacturing

Modern day problems require modern day solutions. Chris Allen tells us why Ford have chosen a 5G mobile private network to help them accelerate their research and development road-map.

5G will aid the road to recovery

Can 5G help societies recover from the pandemic? Sabrina Baggioni takes us through the trials in Milan that went from concept to use case in the crisis.

Blockchain, IoT and 5G, the new business trio: Vodafone on the Tech Talks Daily Podcast

Besides the hype about cryptocurrencies, the truth is most people don't know much about Blockchain. But what happens when it's combined with billions of connected IoT devices on 5G? David Palmer sat down with TechTalksDaily podcast to share his thoughts.

The manufacturing makeover: reinventing an industry post COVID-19

The manufacturing industry has reinvented itself many times, what's next in a world post COVID-19? Paul Taylor takes a look at the tools that will help innovators stay ahead.