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Imagining the travel of tomorrow with Volkswagen

We caught up with Volkswagen Autonomy’s CEO, Alexander Hitzinger, to talk about self-driving cars, the role of 5G and how we are working together to give people their time back.

Life after COVID: how big data and location insights can help to ease lockdowns

Location insights from mobile data can help in the fight against COVID, but it's crucial that it is respected and protected. David Gonzalez explains how his team has supported governments during the pandemic.

Getting through this together: keeping people safe and your business running

Vinod Kumar, CEO, outlines what Vodafone Business is doing to protect its people and customers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jargon busting: what is a mobile private network and why do we need it?

5G for business means much more than faster mobile speeds. What would you do with your own private mobile network? Chris Allen tells us what it is and why it works.

5G drives road safety in Italy

Erik Brenneis tells us about the latest 5G projects which will have a big impact in automotive, off the back of our 5G Mobility Vodafone Conference & Experience Day in Italy.

Sponsoring Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker European Premiere

Vinod Kumar tells us more about Vodafone Business’ partnership for the European premiere of Star Wars™.

Remote surgery, robotics and more – how 5G is helping transform healthcare

Sabrina Baggioni tells us about the latest 5G developments in the healthcare industry, fresh off the back of our 5G Healthcare Vodafone Conference & Experience Day in Italy.

What every business can learn from the start-ups tackling inequality

Making a difference takes more than words, it requires action. Kerry Small meets five start-ups with empowerment built into their business models. Find out what she learned here:

Women in Big Data: why networking events are driving diversity in the workplace

Nahia Orduna explains why women's networking events in Big Data are important, even in the age of increased focus on workplace diversity and inclusion.