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Gigabit Thinking

If we can imagine it, we can create it. A blog that explores what’s possible.

Jargon busting: what is a mobile private network and why do we need it?

5G for business means much more than faster mobile speeds. What would you do with your own private mobile network? Chris Allen tells us what it is and why it works.

Partnering with Proximie to deliver cutting edge healthcare technology solution

We’re evolving how we work with Proximie to help more hospitals access its innovative connected surgical solution with the aim of transforming healthcare, improving patient care and enabling professionals to save more lives. Mark Allinson tells us more.

Is your business ‘Fit for the Future’?

Find out what being ‘fit for the future’ means and why it could benefit your bottom line and society-at-large. Our CEO, Vinod Kumar, tells us more, with a little help from the London School of Economics.

From the field to the bakery: how 5G is revolutionising the food chain

With consumers looking for more transparency from food supply chains, Lorenzo Forina explains how an Italian bakery is using 5G and IoT to monitor and optimise their produce from farm to customer and explores the environmental benefits this can bring.

Preparing for the future of work: Navigating the changes

Challenges and opportunities lie ahead as the future of work unfolds. Dan Bieler, Principal Analyst, Forrester, explains the nuts and bolts of engineering a workforce that’s ready for the future.

Preparing for the future of work: Charting the roadmap

The workplace will look, feel and function drastically differently just five years from today. We catch up with Dan Bieler, Principal Analyst, Forrester, to take a peek into the crystal ball.

Giving customer experience the edge

Edge Computing can bring data processing closer to the end user, but what does that really mean and what impact can it have on the customer experience? Vatsa Kalli tells us more.

Going remote: can drones improve the lives of those living in rural communities?

From transporting medical supplies to improving surveillance, Anne Sheehan and Daniel Jiménez Muñoz tell us about the latest technology overcoming geographical challenges in parts of Scotland and Spain.

Are virtual customer experience centres the meeting environments of the future?

COVID-19 has seen customer experience centres all over the globe shut their doors, but customers are still craving a personalised experience. Could virtual reality help? Iris Meijer tells us about our new virtual customer experience centre and the role it will play post-pandemic too.