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From meters to centimetres – accuracy becomes a reality with our Precise Positioning Outdoor service

Phil Skipper explains why Global Navigation Satellite Systems are the next step in delivering fully autonomous vehicles.

This is what independence looks like

Amit Chakrabarti reveals Vodafone Business Ventures’ plans to grow the pioneering care platform; Connected Living, so it can inspire more independent lives.

From clinical trials to vaccine distribution: How IoT is providing vital support in the fight against COVID-19

CEO, Vinod Kumar, discusses how technology is helping fight coronavirus.

Three key asset management issues and how connectivity can overcome them

Ludovico Fassati tells us how IoT is supporting telematics company TrackTec to monitor their assets with confidence.

Forget silicon. This material could be a game-changer for solar power

Oxford, UK (CNN Business) Solar energy is poised for what could be its biggest transformation in over half a century.

IoT for all: why tech democratisation and digitalisation are key to future-proof SMEs

Erik Brenneis takes a closer look at the findings from the IoT Spotlight Report and explores the possibilities this technology holds for SMEs looking to prepare for the digital economies of the future.

Can digital acceleration save retail?

As retailers across Europe close their doors once more, what does the future look like for this industry? Pier Sandro Damonte tells us how technology and data can help businesses adapt to meet changing demands.

The four key challenges of business

From customer expectations to sustainability, the world is changing. Is your business ready?

How smart tech could help save the world's honey bees

Cork, Ireland (CNN Business) Global honey bee populations are in decline, putting the world's food supply under pressure. But new technologies could help beekeepers counter the threat.