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The four key challenges of business

From customer expectations to sustainability, the world is changing. Is your business ready?

How smart tech could help save the world's honey bees

Cork, Ireland (CNN Business) Global honey bee populations are in decline, putting the world's food supply under pressure. But new technologies could help beekeepers counter the threat.

On the same wavelength? Why spectrum matters with mobile private networks

What is spectrum and why does it matter? Just look at TVs, says Marc Sauter, Head of Mobile Private Networks.

In the Spotlight: IoT and the future of business

It's one thing to discuss the power of IoT, but the real magic comes from the businesses using it. Erik Brenneis take a closer look at the IoT Spotlight report 2020:

SME digitalisation: charting a course towards resilience and recovery

SMEs are the beating heart of our economies in Europe. In a world shaped by COVID where can they find new opportunities? Vinod Kumar and Joakim Reiter investigate:

Building resilience in the face of disruption

Following the launch of the Vodafone Business Future Ready Report, Vinod Kumar talks us through the way businesses are changing in response to the pandemic.

The search for a vaccine: how IoT is driving innovation in clinical trials

Clinical trials have always been crucial, now more than ever. Jon Lee-Davey tells us how IoT can help:

Business magic becomes a reality with mobile private networks

What could you do with your own private network? Marc Sauter talks us through the Vodafone RedBox, which opens up new 5G technology to businesses.

Support in the face of disruption: how Vodafone Business is helping small and medium enterprises get back to business

From useful articles and how-to videos, to one-on-one assistance, the V-Hub will provide a variety of resources tailored to SME customers. Iris Meijer tells us more.