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Three ways IoT is transforming farming

While there are many factors that are out of a dairy farmer’s control, Erik Brenneis talks about the IoT solutions putting them back in the driving seat.

IoT: bringing connected services to new places

Since partnering with Vodafone, Donaldson Filtration Solutions have been able to roll out a subscription service to their customers at scale. Phil Skipper caught up with Wade Wessels, Director of Connected Solutions and IoT, to discuss their journey so far and what's next on the roadmap.

CIO considerations from the Gartner IT Symposium 2019

Iris Meijer, CMO of Vodafone Business, shares her insights from the Gartner IT Symposium 2019.

How IoT will help the mid-market punch above its weight: Vodafone Business at IoTSWC 2019

It's here, the biggest event in the connectivity calendar. Phil Skipper leads the Vodafone Business stand at IoT Solutions World Congress, speaking alongside Deloitte, Microsoft, McLaren and more.

What does blockchain mean for the technology communications partner?

David Palmer caught up with Daniel Bergström, senior researcher at Ericsson to discuss what blockchain really means technology communications.

Accelerating the digitalisation of agriculture - how technology will help 'feed the future'

The message from The Economist "Feeding the Future" event was clear; we need more food, we need better quality food and we need technology to help us get there. Robert MacDougall shares his highlights.

IoT will propel small and medium businesses to the top of the digital economy: here’s how

Did you know that small and medium sized businesses see a greater return on IoT than larger organisations? Phil Skipper tells us why this trend is only set to continue.

Vodafone Invent – a platform for change

The benefits of IoT are becoming well known, but barriers to adopt remain in place. What tools do businesses need to recognise that the benefits outweigh the risks? Stefano Gastaut tells us more:

With lifelong learning, you too can join the digital workplace

As businesses continue to transform at pace, employees need to come equipped with a new set of skills. Nahia Orduna explains why a habit of lifelong learning is the answer, no matter what stage of your career.