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Vodafone Business: from telco to tech comms

Melanie Posey, 451 Research, takes a closer look at Vodafone's ambition to move from traditional telco to technology communications company. And more importantly, what needs to happen to achieve this.

Jargon busting: what is a mobile private network and why do we need it?

5G for business means much more than faster mobile speeds. What would you do with your own private mobile network? Chris Allen tells us what it is and why it works.

How cities are using technology to solve their trash problems

CNN Business featured content: AI and automation transform the global waste management market, creating smart cities.

How South African taxi-buses can help commuters in Cambridge UK

CNN Business featured content: big data is rescuing public transport systems globally.

How technology is powering healthcare into 2020

In the right circumstances, technology can give patients more time and flexibility when they need it most.

The Tech transforming Healthcare in Africa

CNN Business featured content: Drones, apps and smart lockers are transforming healthcare in Africa.

The autonomous supply chain: How tech is re-imagining retail

As returns further complicate the supply chain for retailers, Phil Skipper talks about why the combination of blockchain and IoT could be the answer.

Three 5G expectations: reality or myth?

There is a lot of noise in the market when it comes to 5G, but what stacks up? Here we break down three common messages about 5G … real or myth?

How Sanku uses IoT to fight malnutrition, helping children have a brighter future

As part of the Next Generation of Business campaign, Iris Meijer and Felix Brooks-Church, Co-Founding President & CEO of Sanku, discuss how IoT is helping fight malnutrition in Africa.