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Vodafone Invent – a platform for change

The benefits of IoT are becoming well known, but barriers to adopt remain in place. What tools do businesses need to recognise that the benefits outweigh the risks? Stefano Gastaut tells us more:

With lifelong learning, you too can join the digital workplace

As businesses continue to transform at pace, employees need to come equipped with a new set of skills. Nahia Orduna explains why a habit of lifelong learning is the answer, no matter what stage of your career.

How can technology put food on the table? A discussion with The Economist

With a rising population and increased demand, what role will technology play in global food production? Robert MacDougall, Head of Enterprise Public Policy, will join a panel of experts to discuss "Feeding the Future," hosted by The Economist.

AI-driven companies need to be more diverse. Here’s why

Nahia Orduna writes that big data and machine learning provide exciting opportunities - but there is a high risk of failure if we do not address the bias that surrounds them. This article was originally published in The World Economic Forum.

What does 5G mean for IoT? The IMC IoT M2M Council view

Ludovico Fassati joined representatives from BICS and Digi International to discuss the impact 5G will have on IoT as part of an IMC IoT M2M Council webinar.

Today, tomorrow and beyond: how technology is shaping the evolution of human mobility

Ahead of IAA 2019, the world's largest motorshow, Gion Baker shares a sneak preview from the Vodafone Automotive booth and the highlights he's looking out for.

Five things to consider when implementing your IoT strategy

IoT it already transforming industries – is your business ready? Stefano Gastaut outlines five things to consider when Implementing an IoT plan.

Is an IoT connected world a distant future or close reality?

In our recent IoT barometer 74% of adopters agreed that within five years companies that aren't using IoT will have fallen behind. Stefano Gastaut explores the reality of IoT today and what we can expect tomorrow.

How technology can tackle the medical adherence issue and save thousands of lives

In Europe, there are nearly 200,000 deaths a year due to a lack of medical adherence. Jon Lee-Davey explains how connected devices can be used to reduce this number.