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Remote surgery, robotics and more – how 5G is helping transform healthcare

Sabrina Baggioni tells us about the latest 5G developments in the healthcare industry, fresh off the back of our 5G Healthcare Vodafone Conference & Experience Day in Italy.

What every business can learn from the start-ups tackling inequality

Making a difference takes more than words, it requires action. Kerry Small meets five start-ups with empowerment built into their business models. Find out what she learned here:

The power of brand: one year on from the launch of Vodafone Business

The power of brand: one year on from the launch of Vodafone Business

Three ways IoT is transforming farming

While there are many factors that are out of a dairy farmer’s control, Erik Brenneis talks about the IoT solutions putting them back in the driving seat.

National Express: It’s a long and open road ahead for coach travel

Working with IBM and Vodafone Business offers big opportunities for National Express, but it's not about transforming overnight. Debbie O'Shea, Group CIO, tells us more.

IoT: bringing connected services to new places

Since partnering with Vodafone, Donaldson Filtration Solutions have been able to roll out a subscription service to their customers at scale. Phil Skipper caught up with Wade Wessels, Director of Connected Solutions and IoT, to discuss their journey so far and what's next on the roadmap.

CIO considerations from the Gartner IT Symposium 2019

Iris Meijer, CMO of Vodafone Business, shares her insights from the Gartner IT Symposium 2019.

Women in Big Data: why networking events are driving diversity in the workplace

In the age of increased focus on diversity and inclusion, do we really need women's networking events? Nahia Orduna explains her journey from cynic to chapter co-lead of Women in Big Data and her ambition for true workplace diversity.

Vodafone Business and IBM venture takes shape with London office, managed services

451 Research have taken a closer look at the new kind of venture with Vodafone Business and IBM. Find out how the combination of connectivity and hybrid cloud expertise, co-created in a shared space, is beginning to drive value for customers.