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Gigabit Thinking

A blog that explores what’s possible. Are you ready?


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Three key asset management issues and how connectivity can overcome them

Ludovico Fassati tells us how IoT is supporting telematics company TrackTec to monitor their assets with confidence.

From the emergency services to interacting online, Edge Computing is driving new possibilities

Jennifer Didoni explains how Edge Computing can support first responders, as well as your social life in a COVID world.

Security and safety enhanced by Edge Computing

Jennifer Didoni explains how our partnership with AWS is helping create a safer society, in more ways than one.

How smart nets and scanners could keep more fish in the sea

Trondheim, Norway (CNN Business) Commercial fishing is draining our oceans of life. Trawlers are catching fish faster than stocks can replenish, while dolphins and turtles are also snared in their huge nets.

Cybersecurity: seen but not heard, until now

For many businesses, cybersecurity is still a big challenge. Andrzej Kawalec discusses why this is and how to make small yet important steps to protect your business and your customers.

Forget silicon. This material could be a game-changer for solar power

Oxford, UK (CNN Business) Solar energy is poised for what could be its biggest transformation in over half a century.

South Africa has the world's worst youth unemployment. This job-matching site wants to change that

Paris (CNN Business) "I really count myself blessed to have a job right now," says Akhona Zondani. After months of being ignored by recruiters in her home country of South Africa, the economics graduate began using a recruitment website called Giraffe.

Power through tough times with software-defined networks

IDC’s Nikhil Batra caught up with Ciena and Vodafone Business to talk about how technology is helping Asia Pacific businesses flatten the recessionary curve.

Enhancing the digital customer experience

Kerry Small talks about what it takes to digitally engage with customers at speed and at scale.