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The brains of the operation: why cloud, data and connectivity can’t sit separately

In an age of mass remote working, cloud technology is levelling up. Forrester Consulting spoke to over 300 business to find out how they're adapting:

Succeeding through a crisis

Four customers share their COVID-19 stories and explain how technology has been helping them weather the storm.

How are small businesses reacting to the pandemic?

Looking at the Vodafone Business Future Ready Report, we put the lens over SMEs to see how they have adapted in the face of disruption and what changes they are making to their businesses moving forward.

One-step closer to time travel: how 5G let Piero Angela appear on-stage from 500km away

Have you ever wished you could be in two places at once? With 5G, the option might be closer than you think - Sabrina Baggioni tells us more:

In the Spotlight: IoT and the future of business

It's one thing to discuss the power of IoT, but the real magic comes from the businesses using it. Erik Brenneis take a closer look at the IoT Spotlight report 2020:

SME digitalisation: charting a course towards resilience and recovery

SMEs are the beating heart of our economies in Europe. In a world shaped by COVID where can they find new opportunities? Vinod Kumar and Joakim Reiter investigate:

How virtual reality is tackling racism in the workplace

London (CNN Business): If you were at work and one of your colleagues made a racist remark, would you challenge it or let it pass?

Venture Catalysts: how purpose driven businesses can drive an inclusive future with Vodafone Business Ventures

Vinod Kumar and Andrew Dunnett discuss the power businesses have when focus on operating with purpose, and why technology Is the key to inclusivity.

The digital era: Building business and network resilience

What does it take to survive a recession in this digital age? Nikhil Batra talks us through some of the findings in IDC’s COVID-19 survey.