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Gigabit Thinking

If we can imagine it, we can create it. A blog that explores what’s possible.

Hyundai and 5G robots offer a menu of benefits to hospitality’s staff shortage challenges

The hospitality industry was hit hard by the pandemic and the decline in employees continues. Working with Hyundai, we’re creating robots that can support these businesses in their time of need. Michael Reinartz, Head of Innovation at Vodafone Germany, has the full story.

Digital skills are now a must in the workplace, so what does this mean for the education industry?

Improving connectivity in our education institutions is key if we’re going to give students the best possible start in life. Amit Chakrabarti tells us more.

The cybersecurity challenge of a hybrid world

The way we work has changed forever and cybersecurity strategies need to change to reflect this. No longer operating ‘behind’ the safety of conventional office walls, here’s how your business can adapt.

Using innovative digital solutions to improve search and rescue operations

In mountain search and rescue operations, time is critical. Using 5G and state-of-the-art technology in the command centre, we can reduce search time by increasing search capacity by almost 10 times, which means more lives saved. It also reduces the risk involved for the emergency rescue teams. Cătălin Buliga tells us more

Blue-sky thinking: transforming healthcare logistics with 5G Drones

5G is allowing us to go the extra mile to connect our customers, even opening the sky for solutions that can transform our everyday. Michael Reinartz explains how 5G-connected drones are shaping the logistics of the future, following a successful trial at the University Hospital Düsseldorf.

Creating a more resilient future for farming

From sustainable strawberries at Wimbledon to efficient milk production in Ireland, we’re working with farmers across Europe to limit waste and to feed the next generation.

Racing into reversing climate change: Vodafone Business and Extreme E team up to tackle wildfires in Sardinia

In 2021 fires blazed through 20,000 hectares of land in Sardinia, forcing over 1,000 people to have to relocate and killing around 30 million bees. Working with Extreme E, we're using the Internet of Things to help protect these forests in the future. Our Marketing Director, Amanda Jobbins, is on-site to tell us more.

Manufacturers embrace technology as they prepare for an automated future

The manufacturing industry is ahead of other sectors when it comes to technology adoption, but there is still work to do if they want to be prepared for a fully automated future.

Retail and the rising demand for hybrid shopping experiences

According to our latest research, just 18% of retailers globally are considered ‘Fit for the Future’. Find out what this means and how to kick start your digital transformation.