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Gigabit Thinking

If we can imagine it, we can create it. A blog that explores what’s possible.


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A joined-up view of inventory: how blockchain is enabling on-demand connectivity

Speed and agility are key for businesses today, which is why many are using technology to transform their current processes. That includes inventory too. Nick Gliddon tells us more.

Solutions, not technology: how IoT can help businesses succeed

We want every organisation to take advantage of the benefits that IoT-powered digitalisation can bring. Which is why we've invested in our Centres of Competency. Erik Brenneis tells us more.

These apps are trying to change the way we travel

London (CNN Business) City dwellers are used to switching between apps to decide the best way to get from A to B. It can be inconvenient and time consuming. Which is why Finnish startup MaaS Global decided to aggregate all these services into one app called Whim. Find out more.

Risk and reward are at the heart of network convergence

Businesses are being driven towards converged solutions, but is that the best way forward when it comes to networks? You decide.

These futuristic pods could help cities solve their traffic problems

Abu Dhabi (CNN Business) Traffic congestion is a problem for cities around the world, with some looking to electric scooters to ease gridlock, and others to AI-enabled traffic lights. But one company believes the solution is to build a network of driverless high-speed pods that ride around cities suspended from a steel track.

What does digital transformation mean to SME?

Data and digital transformation isn’t just for larger businesses, it can help organisations of all sizes to better understand their customers, minimise their costs and make their business run smoother. Elvira Gonzalez, our Head of SOHO & SME Marketing, explains more and shares examples from our recent SME event #ThoseWhoDare.

Lego unveils brick prototype made from recycled plastic

(CNN) The Lego Group is one step closer to reaching its goal of making all its products from sustainable material by 2030. The Danish toymaker has unveiled a prototype brick made from recycled plastic.

Building the grid of the future with Westenergie

As companies all over the world commit to becoming Net-Zero, Erik Brenneis looks at how IoT is helping power the energy of the tomorrow.

How wearable tech helped elite athletes through the pandemic

London (CNN Business) From the English Premier League to the NFL, sport is a multibillion-dollar industry, and top teams are increasingly turning to technology to give them the edge.