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The Next Generation of Business: How Sanku is using IoT to fight malnutrition, helping the children of tomorrow have a brighter future

As part of the Next Generation of Business campaign, Iris Meijer and Felix Brooks-Church, Co-Founding President & CEO of Sanku, discuss how IoT is helping fight malnutrition in Africa.

AI technology will decide who's next in line at the bar

CNN Business featured content: the new system will use a webcam to film arrivals at the bar, feeding back the order of a virtual line to bartenders via a display screen behind the counter.

A flyaway partnership: how Ryanair is taking off in the digital age

We caught up with Ryanair CTO John Hurley, to find out how digital technologies will help them to get customers there on time.

Why robots will soon be picking soft fruits and salad

CNN Business featured content: Recent technological developments in Robots could lead to more sustainable farming practices.

5G drives road safety in Italy

Erik Brenneis tells us about the latest 5G projects which will have a big impact in automotive, off the back of our 5G Mobility Vodafone Conference & Experience Day in Italy.

Would you trust an algorithm to diagnose an illness?

CNN Business featured content: It looks at three reports of where AI is breaking barriers in healthcare: diagnosis of eye disease, cancer and identifying the quality of IVF embryos.

Sponsoring Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker European Premiere

Vinod Kumar tells us more about Vodafone Business’ partnership for the European premiere of Star Wars™.

Digital transformation isn’t about technological change, it’s about a cultural one

How do you define business transformation today? Ellie Sugrue took to the stage at the European Women in Tech conference 2019 to debunk the myth that technology should come first.

Look and feel good: How tech could save the fashion industry

CNN Business featured content: New technologies transform the fashion industry as consumers become more aware of the environmental impact and form sustainable habits.