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You can’t achieve long term profits without knowing how your employees feel

Does your company get a good return on all the time and money it invests in leadership development? Despite the millions spent on developing leaders, many employees — perhaps even most — are disengaged from their work and not giving it their best shot.

Internet of Things: 5 Technology Trends Fuelling Vehicles of the Future

Read how the internet of things (IoT) will power the vehicles of the future, highlighting five technology trends set to transform the driving experience.

Are you the bottleneck to growth in your organization? Here’s how to fix that

Issues are not dealt with as soon as they are spotted, decisions are postponed – these are the signs that changes are needed in a rapidly growing organisation. See how not to become the bottleneck to growth.

Does 5G mean the days of fixed Wide & Local Area Networks are numbered?

However you choose to incorporate 5G - whether it forms part of your private network or your only network at a device level - it will inevitably change everything about the way you approach networking.

Are you ready for 5G?

The fifth-generation of wireless broadband technology will bring an exponential increase in data speeds that will change how people interact with the internet.

Chatbots: This is Only The Beginning

There’s many opinions today on chatbots as they relate to customer service. The reality is they are here to stay and are predicted to grow in use.

Get results from IoT faster

Vodafone IoT has partnered with Sodaq to deliver our NB-IoT development kits and help companies simplify and accelerate the deployment of IoT solutions.

AI will cull and create millions of jobs

According to a report from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), AI will create 7.2 million jobs over the next 20 years, slightly more than the seven million predicted to be automated.

Vodafone, Contazara and Canal De Isabel II join to develop intelligent reading of water meters in the community of Madrid

Vodafone, Contazara and Canal de Isabel II has announced the launch of a project for the remote intelligent meter reading by the company responsible for the integral water cycle in the community of Madrid.

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