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Gigabit Thinking

If we can imagine it, we can create it. A blog that explores what’s possible.

The role of mixed reality in Ford’s changing workplace

Just like laptops are now the norm in the office, could immersive technology become equally commonplace in our working futures? We caught up with Ford’s team in the UK to find out how they are using this and other emerging technologies to break new ground.

Saving resources with E.ON

Difficult problems require “smart” solutions – smart meters to be exact. Alexander Saul, Managing Director of Vodafone Business Germany, explains how we are working with E.ON to innovate the energy industry, using the Internet of Things to protect precious resources.

Supporting the drive towards an electric future

As businesses turn to electric vehicles to build a more sustainable fleet, what role can data analytics play? Giorgio Migliarina explains.

Fit for the Future organisations are leaders when it comes to sustainability

Across the board, businesses have struggled to devote time to social issues and the sustainability agenda over the last two years, but as customers continue to demand more from companies in these areas, it’s time for action.

Pioneering digital solutions in the transport industry

Truck drivers are often away for weeks collecting waybills, invoices and other important documentation. Not only is this inefficient, it also puts the business at risk of human error. Digitising this paperwork is good for the environment, but even better for business. Mátyás Dobó explains.

Transforming trucks to create safer and sustainable urban spaces

Trucks are an integral part of the urban freight distribution. Traditional trucks come with challenges around emission, pollution, safety, and driver experience. Can trucks be built sustainable and safe and still do the job? Gion Baker, our Head of Automotive, tells us more.

The evolution of the text message

As Rich Communication Services look to enhance the experience of using SMS and MMS, what does that mean for your customers? Andy Kivell tells us more about this new way of communicating and why it is vital for your customer relationships.

Super PoPs – the smartphone of the network infrastructure

Fixed and mobile networks are both evolving, but what do smartphones have to do with the next generation of network architecture? Andy Linham answers this very question and explains just what on earth a Super PoP is.

Digital for Green: How technology can enable a more sustainable future

Mobile World Congress is back in its traditional form and we’re using it to showcase the technologies with the potential to connect and build a better future by enabling an inclusive and sustainable digital society. Our CEO, Vinod Kumar, tells us more.