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4 New Types of CyberAttack Businesses Must Be Aware Of

The threat landscape is constantly evolving, but what does it actually mean, and why is it happening? In our answers we will also highlight four new types of attack that businesses should be aware of.

Neuroscience offers insights into employee engagement

Experts in neuroscience and psychology are combining to improve understanding of employee behaviour in a bid to boost engagement.

Want a more digital workplace? You’ll have to overcome resistance to tech

Younger and older employees tend to be more receptive to new ways of working than those in the middle, according to Gartner.

Volkswagen and Vodafone: a partnership based on trust

Vodafone receive an award from Volkswagen for our crucial contribution to the development of their Connectivity Platform.

Robocalypse? I Think Not.

The 4th Industrial Revolution – the meshing of the physical and digital worlds – is far more disruptive than the previous three. They replaced human brawn with automation. The fourth is replacing human brain.

Vodafone Automotive and Generali join together to boost the digitization of telematics insurance.

This agreement is part of the digitalization and innovation strategy of GENERALI Spain, which is committed to the implementation of telematic insurance in response to the needs of its customers and the market in general.

Workers must be trained for a new future

A fourth industrial revolution, featuring automation and data exchange, is set to transform industry, but requires new skills and training for the workforce

Manufacturing gets personal in Industry 5.0

Industry 4.0 is the bringing together of robots, interconnected devices and fast networks of data within a factory environment, basically to make the factory more productive and to execute the routine tasks that are best done by robots and not best done by humans.

How NOT to Give Employee Feedback

To build an effective team, you’ve got to do more than just hire the right people. You’ve also got to create an environment in which they can do their best work. And sometimes, that’s going to require you to offer some feedback.

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