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Cyber security is an opportunity and not a cost

Vodafone’s research shows there’s a strong link between security and business success, which 90% of decision-makers agree they can identify. But few have truly grasped the opportunity to differentiate with security today.

Cars that can talk to everything? Our test shows the technology is ready to go.

Vodafone tests Cellular-Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) to demonstrate that technology now exists to connect cars with everything around them.

What businesses can expect in 2019: Global Trends Barometer Highlights

What can businesses expect in 2019? We’ve asked over 1,700 business leaders about everything from trust to AI and their workforce.

Why digital adoption matters in today’s business world

Getting management ‘buy-in’ to go digital can be difficult enough but making everyone use the tools and platform is the real challenge. For businesses that are looking to abandon legacy systems, a lack of digital adoption can result in losses, delays, poor service, and unhappy stakeholders.

The Importance of Cultural Diversity in the Workplace

Nowadays diversity plays an important role at work. People want to work for companies that make them feel comfortable and where management is paying attention to their cultural needs as well. In addition, embracing cultural diversity in hiring practices can help to shake up the implicit bias that often leads to companies bringing on the same sort of people.

Resolving the Challenge of Making Virtual Teams Work

Face-to-face meetings are getting replaced by virtual team interactions, such as video conferencing. Personal presence is no longer necessary to get the work done. Although such digital meetings might be challenging to schedule at first, they are tremendously beneficial in the long run.

The bot that loved me: How intelligent automation will improve our jobs and our companies

Here’s what the future of automation looks like: Rather than determining a process that we want to automate, a machine learning agent will observe the way we work, collecting and mining historical data to determine where opportunities for automation lie.

5G mobile networks are helping us build a better future today

5G is a next-generation network robust and powerful enough to support the advanced applications like connected homes, driverless cars, and augmented reality. What’s more, it’s also the latest step in the evolving journey of mobile networking.

What is 5G and how will it impact us?

5G is opening up numerous new opportunities in industries from automotive to healthcare. Vodafone is excited to be on the forefront of this journey – with trials in Milan and 40 sites in the UK in seven cities.