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Gigabit Thinking

If we can imagine it, we can create it. A blog that explores what’s possible.


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Preparing children for the digital world of tomorrow

Digital skills are vital for the future, but they have also become a lifeline during the pandemic. School closures meant that teachers have had to find new ways of connecting with their pupils and Connected Education can help. We caught up with Bridge of Allan School to find out more.

The future of mining in Africa: digging deep with IoT

We often talk about the transformative power of IoT. Here, Peter Malebye tells us about the opportunities 5G is bringing to this technology and why the time to digitise is now.

A platform for the future: what’s in store for the automotive sector?

Today, vehicles are no longer standalone machines moving on roads. They are part of a connected ecosystem that is only going to expand thanks to a range of digital services. Gion Baker tells us more.

Protecting more than profit: the IoT solutions that are saving businesses money while helping the planet

In Turkey, farmers have saved more than 20 million lira thanks to our ‘Digital Agriculture Solution’ in partnership with İşbank. In Africa, Hello Tractor is using IoT to improve access to more affordable equipment. But how could the Internet of Things also support their sustainability efforts?

An app that measures pain could help people with dementia

London (CNN Business) When you're in pain, you can usually tell someone about it. But for people with communication difficulties, that isn't always an option. To give a voice to those who can't report their suffering, such as people with dementia, PainChek, an Australian startup, has developed an app that uses facial analysis and artificial intelligence (AI) to assess and score pain levels.

Accelerating the end of the COVID-19 pandemic with mVacciNation

This week we announced that Vodacom has partnered with AUDA-NEPAD to make the mVacciNation digital toolbox available to all African Union member states. Vinod Kumar tells us why this is an important step on the road to building back better.

People as the new perimeter: How your employees are the key to managing your cybersecurity risks

Often businesses skip the basics when it comes to cybersecurity. Andrzej Kawalec explains why your people could be your greatest line of defence against cyberattacks.

Optimising your network for 2021 and beyond

The pandemic has highlighted the vital role that networking technology plays in modern society and forced businesses to adapt, seeking more flexible and resilient systems. Alex Connors tells us more.

Low-touch experiences are increasing in popularity: make sure you’re getting it right

As more people gain confidence using online tools, low-touch experiences will continue to grow in popularity. Kerry Small tells us how to get the best out of them.