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Wings get FAA approval in step toward drone delivery

Drones could shorten delivery times and decrease environmental impacts in commercial delivery. To enable this, traffic management and law should be developed.

The Need for a Digital-Native Network

Jan Hein Bakkers, Research Director, at the IDC talks about what it takes for businesses to successfully complete their digital transformation and become what IDC calls a "digital-native enterprise".

Cows, calves and drones: how IoT is redefining the art of the possible

Connectivity is changing the way we view the world we work, live and play in; but what's next? To get you thinking, here's a few of our favourite examples.

Europe is making AI rules now to avoid a new tech crisis

To build trust and transparency in AI, organisations need regulations and guidelines, which won't set back innovation either.

Should AI be used to catch shoplifters?

A new AI-powered system in Japan could be able to predict criminal action based body language, movements and behaviour.

Three key issues for businesses looking to thrive in a digital world

Erik Brenneis explains how trust, purpose and ethics are reshaping the business landscape as we know it.

Three 5G expectations: reality or myth?

There is a lot of noise in the market when it comes to 5G, but what stacks up? Here we break down three common messages about 5G … real or myth?

What digital transformation means for your network

Jan Hein Bakkers, Research Director, at the IDC discusses the critical role that digital transformation will play in ensuring your organisation keeps up.

Enhanced connectivity is our route to the future

Few would have imagined that the introduction of the smartphone was just the start of a communications revolution. Here’s three ways we’re benefiting from this new form of communication.