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Vodafone IoT Customer Advocacy Programme

Working in partnership to promote success

The Vodafone IoT Customer Advocacy Programme provides our customers with the opportunity to communicate experiences, share their success with peers and promote themselves as technology innovators. We deeply value our relationship with you and have a key focus on putting your needs first, making your participation as a customer advocate an engaging and positive experience.

Benefits of taking part

Gain visibility and positive exposure for your organisation

Generate publicity within your industry and the business world in general

Network and share experiences with your peers

Promote your organisation as a technology leader

Create materials that you can use in other divisions within your organisation

Strengthen the relationship between yourself and Vodafone

Promote key executives within your organisation

The IoT Customer Advocacy Programme covers a number of different kinds of materials and activities available for you to take part in.

Case studies

Case studies give a detailed insight into your relationship with Vodafone IoT. They include a clear overview of the challenge your business faced, the solution Vodafone provided and the core business benefits you gained from the solution. It will discuss measurable benefits where possible and why you chose to work with us.

Reference calls and site visits

Share your knowledge with other Vodafone Global IoT customers and prospects. Discuss your experiences and how different solutions have worked for your organisation.

Speaker events

Talk about your success in front of a varied audience, including the press, senior decision-makers, your peers and industry analysts. Demonstrate how you have used best-practices to enhance your organisation both operationally and financially.

Videos / podcasts

Videos and podcasts are used by Vodafone IoT at seminars, on the Web, at customer and trade events and for training purposes. They normally focus on the impact a technology solution has had on your organisation, as well as your broader relationship with Vodafone.

Joint Public Relations (PR)

The media can be a useful tool to create awareness of your organisation and get your message across to a wide audience. The press are always interested in speaking to organisations that can provide proof-points on how technology has impacted their business, through press releases or press interviews.

Analyst Relations (AR)

Journalists always look for evidence of vendors delivering on their promises and will frequently turn to analysts for verification on a story they are writing. Business and technology leaders as well as journalists turn to analysts for information as analysts draw directly from the real-life issues experienced by customers worldwide.