Can we cure every disease?

In partnership with scientists at Imperial College London, we are working day and night help find a cure for cancer and Covid-19. Together we have developed Vodafone Foundation’s DreamLab app – an easy way for anyone to support medical research while they sleep.

The app turns your smartphone into a supercomputer by harnessing its unused processing power to analyse complex data. With this ground-breaking app, you can help process billions of calculations that help speed up vital Covid-19 and cancer research while your phone is charging overnight, without your location data being collected or disclosed. This cloud-based processing approach has drastically reduced the time it takes to analyse huge amounts of data. A desktop computer running 24 hours a day would take decades to process the data, but a network of 100,000 smartphones running overnight could do the job in just a couple of months.

DreamLab is free to download, and does not use Vodafone customers’ data allowance. The app can also be used across other networks, with users choosing how much data they wish to donate, or connecting via Wi-Fi. Download DreamLab today, and help cure deadly disease tonight.

You can download the DreamLab app from the App Store for iOS or get it from the Play Store for Android.

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