Equipping commercial vendors with safety training

Vodafone celebrated 10 years in Ghana in June 2018. Over that time, the health and safety agenda has seen a significant improvement from a ‘no safety’ regime in 2008 to the point where health, safety and wellbeing has been embraced as part of the core values and culture of the organisation.

To date, the main safety emphasis has been on installing technology, due to the high-risk nature of these projects. However, this has meant there was less of a focus on our non-technology vendors meeting our health and safety standards. In response, this year the business organised work at height training for its two main Tier 1 commercial vendors and their subcontractors. This included both theory and practical courses, which included working at height to assemble advertising banners, fall arrest and rescue, secure rope lifeline use, radio frequency awareness and safe ladder use.

This training and associated certification will help our suppliers to work safely as Vodafone Ghana introduces 4G LTE services, requiring vendors to advertise our 4G network countrywide.