Employee SHW

Nothing is more important to us than the safety, health, and wellbeing (SHW) of our people. We have a simple global commitment: no one gets hurt. Our commitment is defined on behalf of the Board by the Group CEO.

The majority of Vodafone employees have low-risk roles with respect to safety. Safety critical activities such as climbing, driving or working with electricity are performed by a small proportion of Vodafone employees, the majority of such high risk work is completed by our partners in the supply chain. We focus our attention on our employees based on the risk profile of their role. Health and Wellbeing risks, such as ergonomics or psychosocial risks, affect almost all of our employees. Risk such as occupational road risk, or work at height affect relatively few employees. Each person is treated as an individual with respect to their job SHW risk profile and the risks they are exposed to managed according to that risk profile.

Wellbeing and mental health

We recognise that work can have both a positive and negative impact on the physical and mental health of our people.We are committed to supporting and caring for our people so they can thrive both inside and outside of the workplace.

To deliver against our commitment, we have global safety, health, and wellbeing focal points across our business.

We provide a healthy working environment by implementing a range of prevention and promotional measures including health risk assessments, health surveillance and fitness to work, workplace assessments, education, and occupational health.

Our Global Wellbeing Framework, which is based on global research with our people, focuses on six elements encompassing physical and mental health.

The framework is a guide to help our people achieve optimal wellbeing and to ensure we all have access to the best possible resources across Vodafone.

Global Wellbeing Framework

We have a variety of training and services available in each of our markets including mental health training for line managers. We continue to grow our employee assistance programmes and psychological support services. Many of our markets now have Mental Health First Aiders, Wellbeing Ambassadors, Mental Health champions or the local market equivalent.

Our mental health toolkit promotes understanding of mental health and supports anyone going through challenges or those helping a colleague, family member or friend, complemented by a series of support sessions and employee panel discussions during the year.

We provide health and wellbeing promotion, resources, and awareness activities / sessions to encourage employees to adopt optimal health and wellbeing through leading healthier lifestyles.

We also provide ongoing communications on mental health awareness and support throughout the year, promoting the wide range of resources and support available.

We continuously promote our support networks, including Lifecyle (menopause and hormonal changes), parents and carers, and WeCan (cancer) networks.

The shift to hybrid working has redefined the role of the office and inspired us to create a new global office design primarily for collaboration and connection. Our launch of ‘Office in a Box’ was implemented to support employees’ health and wellbeing while working from home, providing a virtual office setup at home following a self-assessment.

Vodafone Egypt was one of the first companies in the Middle East to be verified against ISO 45003:2021 for psychological health and safety at work.