Women in Leadership

Kathy currently works for Vodafone leading Business Partnerships. She leads c-level engagements with businesses to promote the sale of 5G, converged connectivity, and IoT/Cloud solutions. Since joining in July 2019, Kathy has driven significant growth transformation within the channel and was recognised by Capacity magazine in their Top 20 Women to Watch fordoing amazing work across the industry. She recently worked for British Telecoms (BT) leading Major Businesses, and previously, was named CEO and Chair of BT Expedite, BT’s digital omnichannel retail business. Since joining Vodafone, Kathy continues to be recognised for her performance and continues to champion the importance of equality within the Telecoms industry. She is now the Chair of the Multicultural  Inclusion Network within Vodafone and continues to focus on the ongoing importance of diversity within business.

Outside of Vodafone, Kathy has been a key member of ‘women in tech’ programmes, as well as coaching and mentoring people from other companies. She has also supported discussion panels for the Black British Business Awards and International Women’s Day #BalanceforBetter initiative, as well as teaching young adults how to interview for jobs. She was also shortlisted in ‘Women to Watch 2019, spotlight on BAME Board Future Talent’. 


What are you passionate about in your role?

  • I am passionate about the evolution of technology and with the pace of innovation, how we can transform the way we do business, make decisions and improve how we live. I get to do this with the innovative solutions that Vodafone delivers to the market. My role allows me to set the strategy, to scale and evolve these technologies with businesses so they too can bring huge transformational outcomes to their customers. The digital landscape presents many opportunities to create accessible and secure ways for us as a society to stay connected. Vodafone’s purpose-led agenda on building an inclusive digital society, also inspired me to be the chair for the Multicultural Inclusion Network. The support and charismatic approach that Vodafone has triggered to listening and learning has been truly amazing. I am proud of what we have already achieved and feel positive about the journey ahead.

Tell us about your recent achievement!

  • I feel honoured and humbled to be recognised for my professional achievements and the championing of ethnic minority people in the workplace, if anything, it gives me more motivation to continue the work I do. I hope to shine the light that diversity of appearance isn’t just a programme for businesses to run so that people feel included but demonstrates that diversity of thought can lead to stronger business performance. There are numerous case studies available on the measure of success behind diverse teams, it is key we continue to educate and embrace this as leaders. Also recently, Capacity magazine celebrated their Top 20 Women to Watch, demonstrating the amazing work that women are doing across the industry. I was delighted to be recognised and felt encouraged and inspired to see both women and BAME professionals being recognised. The future is truly exciting with such great momentum formulating across the industry.

How has Vodafone supported you in your journey?

  • Vodafone has been amazing in supporting me on my journey. It truly is a purpose-led organisation and continues to drive excellence in all it does. The pandemic brought new challenges to businesses and society as a whole. To remain successful in a time of uncertainty, Vodafone embraced this by keeping the UK connected while bringing innovative solutions to the market. Also, when the BLM movement came into the political landscape we saw honest and inspiring leadership from our CEO Nick Read. During a time of immense change, the leadership teams at Vodafone have truly been remarkable. I would say many employees have supported and embraced the year of change to make it a successful one. Also, a special highlight to the leaders who truly embrace inclusion across the business making it a place where you can be your best. I am fortunate to work with them.