We are number one: Vodafone is the leading roaming vendor in two categories

February 2021

Vodafone Roaming Services is the leading global roaming vendor in Sponsored Roaming and Roaming Hub, and ranked the second best vendor across all categories, according to roaming research specialists Kaleido Intelligence. They recognised our industry-leading footprint, our centralised suite of platforms, streamlined workflows and big data analytics for network performance management.

Kaleido’s Vendor Hub H1 2021 study used extensive primary and secondary research to compare 37 roaming vendors across seven categories, covering Steering of Roaming, Sponsored Roaming, Roaming Hubs, IPX, Data & Financial Clearing, Analytics & Value-Added Service and Fraud Management & Security. Kaleido examined their product and innovation leadership, unique market positioning, problem-solving skills, as well as their ability to meet the needs of MNOs and MVNOs.

The assessment is published at a time when the industry is still waiting for roaming traffic to reach pre-COVID-19 levels. Consumer roaming revenues have seen a 64% decline in 2020, however, according to Kaleido’s analysis, as travel recovery begins, inbound and outbound roaming revenues from consumer and IoT connections are expected to grow 120% from 2020 to exceed $33 billion in 2022.

During these unprecedented times, businesses continue to choose our managed connectivity services. As trusted wholesale roaming partner, we are ready to support our customers with best in class solutions. We continue to integrate new technologies like eSIM, Blockchain and Machine Learning into roaming, and strive to be industry leaders in 2022 again. In the words of Sherif Bakir, Director of Vodafone Roaming Services: “Vodafone’s commitment to connecting people for a better future is exemplified by its leadership in roaming technologies and services, and by ensuring the satisfaction of our customers wherever they are.”

Here is a brief summary of our Sponsored Roaming and Roaming Hub services:

Sponsored Roaming

With Sponsored Roaming, we provide instant access to Vodafone’s unmatched global roaming footprint and connect roamers in virtually any country of the world by using double IMSI technology. Our expertise enables our customers to launch their offers or expand their footprint within a few months, which generates additional revenues and attracts high value subscribers.

Roaming Hub

Our Roaming Hub lets hub members establish, operate and maintain international roaming relationships and eliminate bilateral engagements for both inbound and outbound roaming. We are the number one choice for roaming hubbing: enjoy effortless service openings plus simplified roaming and financial operations.

You can find out more about all our services on our website by clicking here.