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Mobile Broadband Software for Windows 7

To use your Vodafone Mobile Broadband USB Stick on a computer with the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system, you will need to install a version of the Vodafone Mobile Broadband for Windows app.

When you plug your USB stick into your computer for the first time, Windows 7 may ask you whether to install an on-board version of this app. If not, find your USB Stick in Windows and double-click the installer to start it. In either case, follow the on-screen instructions to complete setting up your USB Stick.

Vodafone Mobile Broadband App for Windows 7

In addition to the on-board software that is included on your Vodafone Mobile Broadband USB Stick, you can also download our most recent Vodafone Mobile Broadband apps for Windows 7 from this website.

The apps get your computer online via the mobile network. They also allow you to manage your Vodafone account and to send and recieve SMS text messages straight from your desktop.

1. Current connection - Name, type and signal strenght of current connection

2. Time and data - Length of time connected and amount of data transferred

3. Shortcuts - App for SMS text messages, plus links to other apps, websites

4. Account - Manage your Vodafone account (Dependent on your mobile network operator and your account)

5. Help - Hints and tips on using the app

6. Connect - Button to manually connect or disconnect

7. Advanced - Further settings and options

Release 10.3 of the Vodafone Mobile Broadband app supports the following USB Sticks on Microsoft Windows 7.




Note: Release 10.3 also works with these devices on Windows XP and Windows Vista. However, due to the age of these operating systems, we are not able to offer support in the event of technical difficulties.

Release 10.5 of the Vodafone Mobile Broadband app supports the devices listed above, and adds support for the following USB Sticks on Microsoft Windows 7.

K4203 Enterprise
K4606 Enterprise
K5150 Enterprise
K5160 Enterprise

Note: Release 10.5 does not work with Microsoft Windows XP or Windows Vista.

If your Vodafone Mobile Broadband USB Sticks is not listed here at all, we recommend you to visit your Vodafone shop, so we can advise you on an up-to-date replacement.

The Vodafone Mobile Broadband apps for Windows 7 include a range of features, in particular, make them very uself in an enterprise environment, including:


- Custom APN support, including username and password credentials


- Virtual Private Network (VPN) integration


- Support for custom software installations, including settings such as preferred Wi-Fi networks and passwords


- Support for automated software roll-outs and updates


- Network prioritsation covering LAN, preferred Wi-Fi networks, unknown Wi-Fi networks, prepay mobile networks, postpay mobile networks and roaming mobile networks


- Per-moth display of data volume transferred or time connected, including limits and warnings


- Pre-configured shortcuts to corporate apps or systems


- Diagnostics, logging and troubleshooting


- Links to corporate support or help desk

In addition to the Mobile Broadband USB Sticks listed above, the Vodafone Mobile Broadband apps for Windows also include support for the following built-in Mobile Broadband Data Cards on Windows 7.


The list shows the supported Data Cards and the notebook computers in which they were sold.


- Data cards (notebook computers)


- Ericsson F3307  (Acer F3307)


- Ericsson F3507g (Dell D5530, Toshiba 3507g, Lenovo F3507g)


- Ericsson F3607gw (Dell D5540, Lenovo F3607gw)


- Ericsson F5521gw (Dell D5550, Lenovo F5521gw)


- Ericsson F5321gw (Dell 5560, Lenovo 5321gw, HP hs2350)


- Ericsson H5321gw (Dell D5565)


- Qualcomm Gobi2000 (Dell 5620, HP un2420)


- Qualcomm Gobi3000 (HP un2430)


- Huawei E770 (Acer EM770)


- Huawei E820 (Acer EM820)


- Huawei EM770W (Acer EM770)


- Option GTM382 (Sony GTM382)


- Samsung GT-Y3100 (Samsung GT-Y3100)


- Samsung GT-Y3300 (Samsung GT-Y3300)


- Samsung GT-Y3400 (Samsung GT-Y3400)


- Sierra Wireless EM7345

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