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Your Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi Router includes a Web application, which runs on the Router itself. You can open the Web app browser on your computer, tablet or phone, in order to view the status of your Router. Additionally, when you log into the app, you can also send, recieve and manage your SMS text messages, manage your account with your mobile network operator, and make changes to your Router's settings.


This guide covers the Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi Web application and all the settings it presents, with which you can manage your Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi Router. For further details about your Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi Router itself, please refer to the guides with which it shipped.

The Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi Monitor app gives an overview of your Mobile Wi-Fi connection, in addition to allowing you to quick and easy access to your online settings. If you are having trouble using your Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi Monitor app, this guide provides troubleshooting tips for the most common issues..

If you are having trouble installing a newer reease of the Vodafone Mobile Broadband app on a computer with the Microsoft Windows operating system, you may be alboe to resolve any problems by using this Cleanup tool.


The Cleanup tool removes the following types of files, created by an older release of the app, which the new release is now allowed to remove:


- Data - SMS text messages and contacts
- Settings - SMS, VPN, mobile connection, account, usage, network provider, connection management and other application settings
- Device registrations - Vodafone devices information created in the Windows system, including Registry entries.


To download the Cleanup Tool


1. Download the Cleanup Tool package from the link below
2. Unzip the package
3. Double-click the file called 'VmbCleanup.exe'
4. Follow the on-screen instructions

These documents cover the installation of the Vodafone Mobile Broadband apps on Microsoft Windows operating systems in corprate environments. They explain the command line parameters for the installation.


For large rollouts of the Vodafone Mobile Broadband apps using customisted user profiles, please refer to Enterprise Install Guides.

Enterprise Install Guides

These documents cover the installation of Vodafone Mobile Broadband apps on Microsoft Windows operating systems in corporate environments. They cover scenarios for IT administrators, customisation, and the rollout of the apps using transform files.


For an introduction to corporate rollouts of the Vodafone Mobile Broadband apps, please refer to the Standard Install Guide.

The Vodafone Mobile Broadband app for Windows 7 and 10 includes the ability to integrate a range of Virtual Private Network ('VPN') software with the app's connection management. Once set up, opening and closing mobile or Wi-Fi internet connection with the Vodafone Mobile Broadband app will automatically connect or disconnect the user's VPN. This integration makes connecting to a corporate network when working remotely a simple, one-step process for business users who have to use a VPN.


VPN integration takes full advantage of the Vodafone Mobile Broadband app's automatic connection management capabilities, so that the VPN can be set up to only connect when a business user is outside their corporate network. When the user returns to their corporate network, the VPN will be closed. If the user connects within the coverage of their corporate network, eg. over Wi-Fi, their VPN will not be opened.


Once set up, a VPN connection will be moved as seamlessly as possible from ombile to Wi-Fi to LAN (Local Area Network) depending on network availability. Also, should a connection be interrupted for any reason, the Vodafone Mobile Broadband app will attempt to re-connect the VPN as soon as possible once connevtivity returns.

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