5G RAN and Core Network


In 2017/2018 one of our Partner took up the bold decision to be a front runner in building a 5G network. Consequently they asked the help of Vodafone for both Technology knowledge related to 5G and their procurement capabilities and skills to run complex sourcing projects involving services and hardware. VPC started the sourcing project in October 2018 when VF kicked off with workshops to determine the best hardware setup which would meet their requirements given their ambitions and strategy. Consequently VF build the RFQ documents and set out the project planning and executed the project accordingly. After several intensive negotiation rounds the project was successfully completed by end January 2019 and according to the planning.


Souring their entire 5G RAN and Core network. VF set up the planning, the required workshops with VF Technology and the category experts.. VPC build the project templates such as RFQ templates and comparison templates, provided detailed status updates to the management and the end reporting on the achieved savings.


Not only was the sourcing of the project completed within the set time but the savings achieved over delivered on the target. The savings achieved were 25%. The project enabled the Partner to implement the network shortly after the final negotiations and to be the first in the world to operate a 5G network which also enabled them to be the first in the world to make an actual 5G in April 2019.