Vodafone’s Purpose RFQ

Purpose RFQ

What if our purchasing processes helped to identify the partners who have or are willing to introduce commitments to the environment and diversity and inclusion?

Well that is exactly what we do… from October 2020, as part of the RFQ process all suppliers will undergo a mandatory evaluation on their approach to Environment and Diversity. This assessment will identify those vendors who support our Purpose agenda or are willing to do so and provide them with an opportunity to do more business with Vodafone.

Our Purpose Led RFQ process was introduced to support Vodafone’s commitment to connecting for a better future. This significant process change rebalanced the total contribution of CSR to 20%.

Planet - 5% of weighting in all tenders

Inclusion for All - 5% of weighting in all tenders

Safety - 10% of weighting in high risk tender

All sections of the assessment will allow potential vendors to select multiple choice(s) of initiatives that they already have in place or are willing to introduce. 

This is exciting news for Vodafone and our suppliers; taking strategic steps to support the Vodafone Purpose agenda and drive positive change in our supply chain. We look forward to your support to adopt the new assessment.

View the press release here.

How does it work?

Vodafone have a strong Purpose agenda that focuses on 3 pillars:

  • Digital Society
  • Planet
  • Inclusion 

These 3 pillars are in our strategy and we will award work to suppliers that most closely align towards Vodafone’s goals. Every purchase that we make can have an impact to contributing positively to Society. The assessment ensures that we are partnering with suppliers that have the best offering in terms of having a positive impact on the planet, diversity and inclusion.

Vodafone recognizes that these are long term ambitions and we wish to select partners who are already driving change or that are willing to make commitments for a better future for all.

Notes on Commitments:

  1. In each question. potential partners will be invited to select from a list of multiple initiatives that they already have in place or will commit to introducing within 12 months.
  2. The more selections / commitments that a vendor makes the higher they score.
  3. All selections / commitments that the successful vendor makes will be extracted and embedded into contractual obligations and followed up as part of our processes.

More information to support suppliers can be found here.