IFEMA hospital infrastructure turbocharged by Vodafone

When a new dedicated Covid-19 hospital was planned for Madrid, Vodafone Spain, along with numerous technology partners, stepped up to deliver the communications infrastructure that was needed to support the medical professionals as they cared for patients.

The companies ensured that the IFEMA teams had everything they needed – from fixed and mobile connectivity through to IoT tools – to give them the necessary technology to support the huge volume of traffic being generated in the hospital. This included the ability to manage workflow and teams, with simple requests via SMS messages – both within the hospital, but also to enable communications to be managed externally, with the government and external volunteers. The suite of tools includes high definition video-conferencing facilities and the introduction of an IoT project, so that patients can contact the nursing control centre at the push of a button.

And, of course, it was also vital to ensure that patients were able to stay connected to their family and friends. Fixed wireless routers provide 5G and Wi-Fi access to all areas of the hospital, while we supplied 5G-enabled tablets, battery packs and unlimited data, so that those being cared for could keep themselves entertained, as well as maintaining contact with loved ones.

The pandemic has meant the world has had to adapt. Along with its partners, Vodafone Spain has launched a series of working groups with specialists in IoT, Big Data, Analytics and Cloud technologies to improve the coordination of healthcare and the wellbeing of patients – all contributing to a better fight against the pandemic.

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Find out more here.