New platform empowers home-workers during the Coronavirus crisis

The rapid switch to working from home is not easy for everyone, and there is a lot of pressure on employers to ensure their staff have the right tools for their new workplace.

In the Netherlands, a new platform has been created to support customers who are working from home for the first time. VodafoneZiggo is a hub full of articles and practical tips for employees and employers to explore. It provides tips and advice for homeworkers and employers to enable customers to do their work undisturbed.

For the home-workers, there are detailed guides on how to ensure their Wi-Fi is in top condition for seamless connectivity, how to get the most out of virtual meetings, as well as working from home routines to help them and their colleagues make the most of their time.

Meanwhile, employers can get inspiration from customers’ success stories, find tips on how to motivate their employees and read blog posts from leading remote working experts. 

The platform also supports public campaigns, such as the government’s Safe Internet campaign, and sheds light on the dangers of working from home, as well as how both employers and employees alike can protect themselves from cybercrime. The information on these initiatives is regularly uploaded so that homeworkers can access a go-to platform, filled with the answers to any concerns they may have.

VodafoneZiggo’s connectivity and accessibility is designed to help motivate and protect workers throughout this crisis - there can be no healthy economy without healthy people.