We started operating in the country as Vodacom Mozambique in 2003, pledging to deliver a high- quality, reliable mobile network and improve access to the benefits of technology. In 2013 we launched M-Pesa, a revolutionary financial service and driver of financial inclusion and economic empowerment in the country. We provide mobile services to around 8.95 million customers in Mozambique and financial services through M-Pesa to 5.2 million.

As a purpose-led company, we have a mission to build an inclusive and sustainable digital society. To achieve this objective, we have programs that contribute to an equitable access to better technology education services and we support projects that promote skills development, entrepreneurship, youth and women empowerment through technology.


Ultimately, we want to operate responsibly, by being sustainable and protecting the planet of the negative impacts that our activity is creating in the environment. Vodafone has set the ambitious goal of halving the carbon emissions, a journey Vodacom Mozambique is also embracing.

Mozambique is one of the UN’s least developed countries. According to the World Bank, around two-thirds of Mozambique’s 31 million people live and work in rural areas. The country’s terrain is varied, with a mixture of coastal lowlands, high plateaus (rising to 600 metres) in the northwest, and mountains (reaching 2,500 metres) in the west. This creates challenges in developing mobile infrastructure and connecting rural communities. Internet penetration in Mozambique is low, at around 17%.

Mozambique, bordered by South Africa and Tanzania, has a long coastline stretching 2,500 kilometres along the Indian Ocean. The island of Madagascar lies to its east.  

On the map: Mozambique’s national animal is the African Elephant, and its flower the Bell Bean.

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