We support customers struggling to pay through low cost and social tariffs. In some of our markets, we offer specific ‘social tariff’ mobile services to help low-income customers stay connected during the cost-of-living crisis. 

Our social tariffs are designed to meet our customers’ needs in difficult times.  Whenever we can, we use government criteria for eligibility to ensure we implement social tariffs as fairly as possible.  We do not apply price increases to social tariffs at any point during the term of the contract.

We support customers who find themselves in financial difficulties fairly and appropriately, ensuring they get the right help, support and services for their needs, including revised payment plans or other options.

Vodafone is monitoring the impact of our help for customers struggling to pay, and listening to their feedback, improving our services as a result. 

And we will continue to work with governments, consult with consumer organisations and partner with providers to help raise awareness of social tariffs.