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We provide 5G services commercially in ten European countries and will continue to expand that offering. At the same time, our 4G networks are being upgraded with technology that is bringing our customers some of the benefits of 5G sooner. As networks evolve towards 5G they will have several benefits:

Real-time network

5G has significantly lower latency of <20 milliseconds (ms) for some consumer applications (e.g. gaming or augmented reality) and <5ms for ultra-low latency applications (e.g. in smart factories).

Coverage and reliability

Vodafone is taking the largest international 4G network and putting it on 5G. Network slicing on 5G will enable it to be reliably deployed to specific critical applications such as cars, emergency vehicles, factories and hospitals.

Device support

5G is expected to support up to 1 million connected devices per 1 square kilometre, compared to around 2,000 connected devices per 1 square kilometre with 4G.1 This will be vital for the Internet of Things era, where lots of additional devices like cars and commercial drones will eventually be connected to mobile networks.

Cost efficiency

5G is more than ten times more cost efficient than 4G in radio cost of delivery.

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Next Generation Network

Next Generation Network

We have the largest NGN footprint in Europe.



Vodafone TV is our cloud-based entertainment service.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT)

Vodafone is a global leader in providing IoT services.