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Vodafone's goal is to create a Gigabit Society characterised by hyper-connection, very high speed, very low latency, ultra-dense coverage and very secure exchange of data. This will create new social and economic benefits through the Internet of Things (IoT) and new digital developments.

Our partnerships and investment in superior cable, fibre and mobile networks allow us to deliver better performance.

Our gigabit network incorporates 4G in all of our markets, 4G+ in 21 markets (offering even faster network speeds), and 5G which is already commercially available in 10 European countries.

We also offer Narrowband IoT - the technology that is used to connect many sensors and which is a key enabler for connected devices - in 15 markets.

In broadband markets, an increasing proportion of our customers are upgrading to high-speed fibre to the home and cable, capable of speeds up to a gigabit (1,000 Mbps). Vodafone has the largest Next Generation Network in Europe passing 54 million households on our own network infrastructure and 124 million when wholesale agreements are included.

Our Tech2020 strategy has transformed our business over the past five years. We have the largest Gigabit networks in Europe and industry leading digitalisation and Cloudification programmes that have been achieved with improved customer KPIs despite the level of change.

Thanks to our networks, every 24 hours Vodafone customers...

Mobile calls

Make 7.4 billion minutes of mobile calls


Stream the equivalent of 18.8 billion songs on their smartphones


HD Videos

Watch the equivalent of 2.3 billion three minute HD videos over their fixed broadband connections

Financial Transaction

Make 32 million financial transactions with M-Pesa

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We have taken a leadership role in global research and trials of 5G.



We have the largest NGN footprint in Europe.

Super Wifi

Super Wifi

Vodafone Super Wi-Fi provides fast, reliable Wi-Fi coverage to every corner of your home.



Vodafone TV is our cloud-based entertainment service.



Vodafone is a global leader in providing IoT services.



Vodafone is developing winning partnerships with leading innovators.

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