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What we do

We offer a range of communications service to both consumers and businesses in multiple regions.

For European consumer


A range of mobile services, enabling customers to call, text and access data.

Fixed broadband

The largest next-generation network in Europe passing 118m households.   

V by Vodafone

Enabling consumers to connect IoT devices to our dedicated global IoT network.


Vodafone TV enables customers to access content from multiple providers and premium channels.

We provide a range of mobile services, including calls, text and data whether our customers are at home or travelling abroad. We are Europe’s largest 5G network, and aim to launch 5G in nine European markets by the end of March 2020.

Our fixed-line services include broadband, TV and voice. We offer high-speed connectivity through our next-generation networks.

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For Vodafone Business Partners

We offer mobile, fixed and a suite of converged communication services to support the growing needs of our business customers who range from small home offices to large multi-national companies.

IoT solutions

Objects communicate securely 
through our network. 

Cloud & security

Public and private 
cloud services

Carrier services

International voice, IP transit
and messaging.

We deliver mobile, fixed and a suite of converged communications services to support the growing needs of business customers, ranging from small home offices to large multi-national companies.

We offer a diverse range of Internet of Things (IoT) services to business, including managed connectivity, automotive and insurance services, smart metering and health solutions.

Our Cloud & Security portfolio includes both public and private cloud services, as well as cloud-based applications and products for securing networks and devices.

We also sell capacity on our global submarine and terrestrial cable systems. The services we offer include international voice, IP transit and messaging.

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For African consumers


A range of mobile services, empowering customers globally.


Africa’s largest 
payment platform.

Where the demand for mobile data is growing rapidly, driven by the lack of fixed broadband access and by increased smartphone penetration.

M-Pesa is our African payments platform, which has moved beyond its origins as a money transfer service and now provides financial services, alongside business and merchant payment services. 

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