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TecSOS is an initiative that seeks to support victims of domestic abuse and other vulnerable people, through provision of a specially adapted piece of technology that enables enhanced access to the police in an emergency

100,000+ users have benefitted from
TecSOS across Europe

TecSOS is live in 5 countries

TecSOS provides an 11% reduction
in police response times to incidents
reported via a TecSOS handset

The issue

In the UK, an estimated one in four women will experience some form of domestic abuse during their lifetime. Victims are often reluctant to report matters to the police and as a result, a large proportion of these crimes remain ‘hidden’. On average, a victim will suffer between 30 – 35 assaults before finally reporting the abuse to the police or other agency. Two women per week are killed by their partner or former partner. Many victims report feeling like prisoners in their homes as it was the only place they felt they had protection.

Our aim

TecSOS was initially developed by the Vodafone Spain Foundation in collaboration with the Spanish Red Cross and the TecSOS Foundation. The programme is currently providing vital protection to victims of domestic violence in five countries: Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Germany and the UK.

In the UK, TecSOS provide vulnerable people with enhanced access to the police via a specially adapted piece of technology. The system enables the police to respond faster and more efficiently in an emergency situation. Evaluations have shown an 11% reduction in police response times and significantly increased sense of security for those people using the system.  TecSOS is currently used by over 90% of UK police forces, with over 81,000 users benefitting to date.

How TecSOS works

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