Public policy

Vodafone engages with regulators and governments on a wide range of issues directly relevant to our business and the industry, as well as on issues of broad public interest. We aim to be direct and transparent about our views, basing our opinions on evidence. All engagement with governments and regulators is subject to our Group Public Policy Principles, which are covered in our Code of Conduct.

We seek to inform policymakers – including legislators, government officials and regulators – about the nature of our business, the telecommunications industry and the business environment generally. Our policy positions explain the outcomes we seek to achieve from the public policy process and how we believe policymakers should approach the issues most relevant to our business.

Many of our written submissions are made public by the government organisations to which they are submitted. Vodafone believes in transparency in government relations and will provide copies of any publicly available submissions to regulators and governments, on request. The views expressed in this sustainability report are consistent with the views presented by Vodafone to governments.

We also work with key industry trade associations on public policy issues, including the GSM Association (GSMA), ECTA and public–private partnerships such as the International Telecommunication Union. Vodafone is also commonly a member of national telecommunications industry associations in the countries where we operate (where these associations exist). We engage with regulators on general industry issues and sustainability-related issues such as privacy and climate change.

See our public policy website for position papers, policy papers and our responses to government consultations on specific issues, or register for our Digital Europe News & Views newsletter.

It is Vodafone’s policy not to make political donations or support particular party political interests.

Vodafone’s position on public issues

Vodafone’s local markets are generally subject to local regulations that govern the activities of our industry, as well as general competition (anti-trust) laws that are applicable to all our activities regardless of the country in which we operate.

Our engagement with regulators and governments mainly focuses on regulatory frameworks related to the following issues that are most relevant to our industry:

  • mobile and fixed telecommunications market competitiveness
  • international roaming
  • mobile call termination
  • spectrum policy
  • universal service policy
  • privacy
  • net neutrality
  • data security.

Vodafone is also committed to helping governments meet their objectives on a number of issues of broader public interest. These include:

  • exploring the socio-economic potential of communications technology
  • contributing to job creation and economic growth
  • expanding access to telecommunications
  • ensuring the effectiveness of public service delivery
  • promoting national and public security.