Managing sustainability

Find out how we listen to stakeholders, identify material issues and manage sustainability

Managing sustainability

We have clear policies and procedures in place to manage the wide range of sustainability issues and opportunities we encounter, and ensure employees in relevant teams put these into practice. Listening to our stakeholders helps us prioritise the issues by identifying those that are most important to them and to us.


Find out about how we manage sustainability across the Group.

Stakeholder engagement

Find out how we maintain a dialogue with people who affect or are affected by our business to understand and respond to their priorities.

Public policy

Find out how we engage with governments and regulators, and the issues we focus on.

Our priorities

Find out which issues are most significant to our business and our stakeholders, and the process we use to identify these.

Awards and recognition

Find out about the awards and external recognition we have received for our products, services, programmes, sustainability performance and reporting.