Transformational solutions

Vodafone’s network, products and services can help transform people’s lives and contribute to global sustainable development goals

Transformational solutions

Vodafone’s products and services contribute to sustainable living and help improve people’s livelihoods and quality of life. Over 70% of our customers live in emerging markets, where expanding the coverage of our networks and building our customer base extends the socio-economic benefits that come with access to communications.

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Specialised mobile services can help to boost farmers’ livelihoods by increasing productivity as well as reducing food waste by improving efficiency throughout the agricultural supply chain.

Financial inclusion

By enabling access to financial services for people without bank accounts, our mobile payment service, M-Pesa, is enabling individuals to improve their lives and livelihoods, and contributing to economic development in emerging markets.


Communications technology can help to transform healthcare, for example by enabling patients to monitor conditions at home or helping healthcare workers spend more time with patients by reducing the time they spend on administration.

Education and employment

Communications technology can help to improve access to education, increase literacy rates, promote skills development and connect people with job opportunities.

Our contribution to the MDGs

By extending access to our networks and developing innovative products and services tailored to emerging market needs, we are contributing to economic development and supporting the UN MDGs.